BTS ARMY is stumbling on a beefier Jungkook hugging his ‘Hobi hyung’ and it’s AMAZING – watch video and tweets

Bangtan TV shared a funny video with BTS, also known as Bangtan Sonyeodan, in which they were filming for give-ticks as part of their Love Myself campaign. For those who don’t know, gifts are like simple emoticons. The stickers are available for purchase and the procedures of which would be donated to charity. So, Bangatn Tv, which continues to give updates on behind the scenes of BTS, shared another BTS video of the boys from their LOVE MYSELF Give-ticon Shoot. The video is obviously going viral on social media, all thanks to ARMY. But the most popular right now as you read this is ‘Hobi hyung’. So in the video, we see Jungkook aka Jeon Jungkook and J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok shooting together. And for a da-ticon, they are asked to hug. Hobi proceeds to hug Jungkook, but is unable to do so because Jungkook no longer fits into his embrace. It’s such a cute video as Jungkook then hugs Hobi. We hyungs have made fun of BTS’s golden maknae a lot for doing a lot of exercise. Jungkook, despite being the youngest, has outgrown most of the boys. So he’s basically outgrown them physically, which is adorable to his hyungs and ARMY. Going back to the video, the ARMYs are stumbling over her cuteness and she is so adorable to watch. First of all, check out the video here: Read also – Shocking! BTS: Fear of the Taliban makes ARMY BURN or hide band albums in Afghanistan

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Going back to the video, the guys shared their experience of shooting to hit. It seems like a long time since they shot for dar-ticons. They asked ARMY to use the gifts highlighting the fact that it is for a social cause. RM aka Kim Namjoon, the leader of BTS revealed that his friends hate when he sends emoticons with his face, but added that he would continue to do so. Jin, also known as Kim Seokjin, revealed that his family members often use emoticons with himself. Suga, also known as Min Yoongi, on the other hand, said that he feels too embarrassed to use the emoticons.

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