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Farah Khan talks about Rakhi Sawant and his work ethic (Photo credit: Instagram)

On this weekend’s episode of the Zee Comedy Show, Rakhi Sawant, Ravi Kishan, and Anu Malik graced the deck and made sure to do the ROFL with their hilarious antics. While the entertaining acts of all the comedians, the eleven comedians of Team Hasaayenge, and Farah Khan’s witty reactions left everyone divided, it was Rakhi talking about his fight that left everyone stunned.

On the show, Rakhi talked about how she survived on just one bowl of dal to look slim and fit. While she added that she would land on auditions that she wasn’t even called for, she revealed how a call from Farah Khan’s office changed her life. Read everything he said here.

As reported by Bollywood Hungama, while on Zee Comedy Show, Rakhi Sawant talked about how Farah Khan helped her professionally. She revealed: “I have really faced a lot of struggles in my life. In fact, early in my career, I used to audition for everything I heard. There was a time when even though they weren’t calling me for a particular audition, I would walk into their office and ask them to audition. My mother had told me that there would be a lot of fighting, but one day I could be like Helen, Madhuri Dixit or Sridevi ”.

Rakhi Sawant continued, “I used to do my best and look slim and fit, I used to have just one bowl of dal every day. However, things were not looking so good. But one fine day, I got a call from Farah Khan Madam’s office, and they called me for an audition at Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies office and things changed from there. As soon as I put the phone away, I lost consciousness. My mother gave me another bowl of dal and that’s when I came to my senses and started preparing for my audition. “

Adding more, Rakhi Sawant said: “They told me that I would have to look glamorous since the character was such. But in the chawl I was staying in; you couldn’t go out in those clothes. So, I asked my mother what should I do? She gave me a set of curtains, which I wrapped around my glamorous clothes and went to the audition. As soon as Farah Khan ji saw me in that outfit, she was stunned. She asked me what I was wearing and asked if I had received the report on the glamorous look. I said yes and mentioned that she will see her character in me as soon as the cameras roll. “

She added: “She had faith in me I guess so she told her team to shoot the cameras and as soon as they started I pulled the curtains down, they love my audition and they immediately offered me the movie. I really am the discovery of Farah Khan and Shah Rukh Khan and I am very grateful to both of them. “

During the show, Farah Khan said, “I have given the industry two megastars, one is Deepika Padukone and the other is Rakhi Sawant. They are both great actors, but I have to say that Rakhi was the most punctual, hard-working, polite, and respectful girl on Main Hoon Na’s sets and I love her for that. “

What do you think of Rakhi as a performer? Also, stay tuned to Koimoi for more information.

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