A future influencer whose comic timing has sparked laughter on the internet

Shivangi Sethi, August 21, 2021

Shubham Gaur (Source: Instagram | @ shubhamgaur09)

Shubham Gaur (Source: Instagram | @ shubhamgaur09)

As a creator, it is important to create content that one not only engages with, but also finds entertaining. Well here is an artistic man with many talents, Shubham gaur who started his content creation journey in Youtube in 2015. Today, he’s breaking the internet with his hilariously accurate Coils and videos. Tbh, most of its content surely has us rolling on the floor laughing. Want to find out more about this charming and multi-talented creator, then scroll on and find out?

A little about Shubham

Born and raised in Bulandshahr – UP, Shubham is an artist semen creator who has’bulanddreams for himself. He believes he always had a knack for comedy and storytelling and that’s what got him down the path of content creation. Well, we totally agree with him here, as his content often leaves us divided. To chase California., theater, stand-up comedy to debut on the small screen, Shubham has donned multiple hats. Rose to fame and performed in front of leading creators such as Ahsaas channa, Adarsh ​​Gourav, Luv vispute and many more in the series’Daze Hostel‘. We love his absolute dedication and passion for his work.

All about the content of Shubham Gaur

Tbh, most of his videos impress us and make us easily shake our heads to relate. Be one of the first creators to reach 10,000 subscribers on Youtube, Shubham’s content is making the rounds in the world of comedy. Creating genuine, relatable, humorous and honest content is the reason behind Shubham’s success today. Not only that, but he is a risk taker who has explored different platforms to build a stronger connection with his audience. Speaking of his most recent work on ‘lodging house Daze‘, your character Rupesh bhati He received a digital applause of love from the audience. He has also co-created and co-produced shows like – ‘Uncommon sense‘ with Lounge today. We are very proud to see Shubham grow as a creator and comedian and achieve great achievements.

This is what Shubham Gaur has to say about his trip:

I started my content creation journey in early 2015. Back then, the influencer marketing industry was still in its infancy. But for me, it was about creating fresh, genuine content. Therefore, I have never limited myself to a particular platform or format, but have experimented with different platforms that help me establish a deeper connection with my audience.

I really believe in the saying that life comes full circle. To borrow THERE My friends’ subscriptions to appear in them is nothing less than a dream come true for me. Sometimes it still feels overwhelming to see how far I’ve come as a creator and an actor. But there are miles to go.

Well, Shubham has not only inspired us with his journey, but his feed is our one-stop destination for entertainment. His unique style, identifiable content, and comedic rhythm have helped him make room in the world of creators. As he quotes “Life comes full circle”. We look forward to seeing what Shubham has in store for us. Also, if you haven’t seen the ‘Daze ‘Hostel however, you are surely missing something cool. On a side note, we hope everyone stays safe and stays home.


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