“I think they are the true creators of stars.”

Ammy Virk reveals she wants to work with Rajkumar Hirani and Sanjay Leela Bhansali (Photo credit: Instagram / Facebook / Twitter)

Despite the plan being to make his Bollywood debut with the movie ’83’, Hindu viewers saw popular Punjabi singer and actor Ammy Virk for the first time in ‘Bhuj: The Pride Of India’.

As her performance is drawing attention even though the movie didn’t work out, Ammy believes that great scripts and good film directors are the star makers and, in the future, she wants to work with some of her favorite directors in Bollywood.

Ammy Virk told IANS: “When I was young, in our house I only watched movies on television. I come from a village in Punjab, so going to the theater and watching movies was not part of our daily work. At home we watched all the Dharmendra saab and Sunny Deol movies. We like to watch family drama, action movies, etc.

Ammy Virk continued: “But now the idea of ​​a hero and his image is changing and that is why if someone asks me who is the hero in Bollywood that I would like to work with, I don’t know the answer. Really. I want to work with great filmmakers, have good scripts and learn from good actors. I really want to work with Raj Kumar Hirani, Sanjay Leela Bhansali among others, because first of all I love to see their movies and also, I think they are the true creators of stars.

“They extract the best performance from the actors, and if the movie works, the actor becomes successful too! Having said that, I worked with Kabir sir and that was supposed to be my Bollywood debut. I want to work with him again. “

Ammy Virk began her journey as a signer and made an ‘Ikk Pal’ music video while she was still in college. As the music video turned out to be a huge hit, he kept making more music and with more than 15 music videos, Ammy is one of the popular singers in the Punjabi music industry. He also made his mark as an actor, as ‘Angrej’ and ‘Qismat’ are two of his highest grossing films in Punjab.

Interestingly, the Punjabi film ‘Harjeeta’ which won the National Film Award, in which he played the title role, also featured Pankaj Tripathi. In fact, this is how Ammy worked with the veteran actor even before the next movie ’83’.

“He is a very nice person to be with. I am new to Bollywood, and when I came to the meeting and the filming of the movie ’83’, I found it again. It feels good. Ranveer sir is a very happy guy … since I am new and I keep trying to meet people and everything when these people make us feel comfortable it makes my job as an actor easy. You can’t act nervous, ”shared Ammy Virk.

But does the endless wait for the long-awaited ’83’ make you nervous? “I think the pandemic changed our thought process. The fact that we are still working, healthy, safe and protected is something important to all of us. The movie will be released that we all know, and the release date is not in our hands, so no, I’m not nervous. Also, I was shooting for my movie. I am very grateful that two of my films were released and one more film will be released in September, ”said the actor who always played the lead in most of his Punjabi films.

Although people liked his presence in ‘Bhuj: The Pride Of India’, the film failed to impress critics and audiences.

Given that the actor in both of his Hindi films appears as part of an ensemble cast and not as a leading man in Punjabi cinema, does that bother you?

“Bollywood is a big dream, and when you achieve something gradually, it stays with you. If you are successful overnight, you could also lose things overnight. So no, I want to grow with each movie here, I want our audience to love me slowly, steadily and remain my fans forever, ”concluded Ammy.

Ammy Virk will be seen soon in the Punjabi film ‘Qismat 2’ which will be released on September 24th.

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