The best of Akshay Kumar from Baby and Airlift; a thriller that will become a Bollywood classic

Movie: Doorbell
Lower bell cast: Akshay Kumar, Adil Hussain, Lara Dutta, Vaani Kapoor, Huma Qureshi
Bell Bottom Director: Milind rau
Where to look: Theaters (not released in Maharashtra) Also Read – Baby, Raazi, Tiger Zinda Hai, Ankhen And More – As Akshay Kumar’s Bell Bottom Trailer Drops, Watch Bollywood’s Biggest Spy Movies At The Box Office

While the subgenre’s propensity for spy thrillers does not match that of other varieties of thrillers in Bollywood such as those with a police or revenge theme, there is no denying that the industry has doled out its fair share of gems. when it comes to spying over the years. Classics like Farz (1967), Ankhen (1968), Baby, Raazi, Tiger Zinda Hai and Madras Cafe and even those not as celebrated as December 16 and Dus until recent ones like War immediately come to mind. Now another Akshay Kumar incumbent, Bell Bottom, enters the fray with the added responsibility of reopening theaters for the entire Indian film industry, not just Bollywood. So does it score on both fronts of having what it takes to draw audiences to movie theaters and at the same time mark its territory among the pantheon of Bollywood’s best spy thrillers? While the first is a question that no one seems to have the answer to, I can unequivocally affirm that the answer to the second is a resounding yes. Also read – Man Crush Monday: From HOT to HOT, here’s why our love for Milind Soman is everlasting – see photos

So, are you excited about what to watch this weekend or what to watch this week and wondering if Bell Bottom is worth your time? Scroll down to see my full Bell Bottom review … Also read: ‘I don’t think sex is that important, it’s the relationship that is important,’ says Milind Soman

What is it about

Anshul, codename Bell Bottom (Akshay Kumar) is the only spy on RAW, equipped to end a kidnapping situation after having dedicated his life to studying the kidnappers, their motivations and who’s backing them. After India’s fifth kidnapping in seven years, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi (Lara Dutta) resigns from negotiations and decides that he is the only man for the job who will end the scourge of the nation once and for all.

Check out the trailer for Bell Bottom below:

What heat

A fantastic spy thriller must be tight, tight, constantly on the edge, and features realistic black ops told with enough dramatization for the necessary cinematic effect, without losing its authentic brilliance. In short: it is a very fine rope. On top of that, if it’s one without a lot of action, then that chord gets thinner as the crutch of spectacular action scenes isn’t available to divert the audience’s attention in the presence of narrative immersions or in the absence of proper suspense. Add a patriotic element to that and you get, where deshbhakti needs to be conjured up without being over the top, and you get one of the finest, tightest strings a movie can walk on.

Guess what? Bell Bottom emphatically ticks each of these boxes with a perfect fusion of Ranjit M. Tewari’s razor direction, Chandan Arora’s crisp editing, throbbing background score, meticulous research, serious script, a handful of twists. bright and much more. all the best acts of Akshay Kumar’s career, well supported by Adil Hussain and Lara Dutta. Also, just when you think about what Huma Qureshi and Vaani Kapoor do in the movie, they happen to be involved in the two biggest surprises, especially the last one. Other subtle touches also stand out like Akshay Kumar who inspiringly downplays his macho image and dialogue that will really get the claps and whistles from even the fanciest viewers (unless you’re too prudish).

What not

The grand climax, while certainly enjoyable, seems a bit rushed, so it pales in comparison to the superlative appeal of everything that precedes it. Also, Rajeev Ravi’s cinematography and production values ​​aren’t as impressive as the other technicalities. The 3D is also well below average and was completely unnecessary, just like the songs, which add nothing and are not even pleasant to the ears.

BL verdict

Some issues with climax, camera work, and 3D aside, Bell Bottom underlines quality in every frame on the back of crisp direction, precise writing, crisp editing, adrenaline-pumping background score. , some impressive twists, seeti -maar dialogue, and one of Akshay Kumar’s career defining roles. I go with 4 out of 5 stars.

4 of 5

4 star rating

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