Kareena Kapoor Khan doesn’t want Jehangir and Taimur to be movie stars, she says, “I’ll be happy if …”

Kareena Kapoor Khan opens up about her children, raising them, and more (Image credit: Instagram / kareenakapoorkhan)

Kareena Kapoor Khan is a superwoman of some sort who not only worked through her due dates during both pregnancies, but also set fashion goals during it and then returned to work shortly after her deliveries. After recently releasing her book, Pregnancy Bible, the actress has returned to being candid about herself and Saif Ali Khan’s children, Taimur (Tim) Ali Khan and Jehangir (Jeh) Ali Khan.

During a recent interaction, the actress spoke about her children’s personalities, what she wants for them when they grow up, raising them well, the paparazzi who follow them and how she is handling it, and much more. Read on to find out everything he said.

During a recent conversation with HT Brunch, Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke about her children’s looks, social skills, and personalities. The actress said that Jeh, who is barely six months old, “looks exactly like me and Tim looks like Saif [Ali Khan]. “

Comparing how outgoing her children were at the same age, Kareena Kapoor Khan said, “At six months, Tim didn’t like too many new faces, but Jeh seems comfortable.” Speaking more about their personalities, the actress added, “Taimur has more of Saif’s personality, and Jeh seems like a wonderful mix. Tim is a typical Sagittarius; He is creative, he likes art, coloring and drawing, he loves to explore and know everything. Heh he’s a Piscean … let’s see how he’s going to develop. “

When asked what kind of mother she is and how she is raising her children, Kareena Kapoor Khan said: “I want my two sons to be complete gentlemen, I want people to say that they are well-educated, good-hearted and I will think that my job is well done. “She added,” I don’t want them to be movie stars. I’ll be happy if Tim comes and tells me I want to do something else … climbing Mount Everest can be … that’s his choice. I want to be on the sidelines and support my boys. “

Kareena further added that she doesn’t want to be an overly involved mother. The Heroine actress said, “I don’t want to be like a helicopter mom. I want them to fall down and learn because that’s how my mother taught me. My mother used to say, do what you want, make your mistakes and then learn to repair them, because that’s how it works. So that’s the way I’m raising the two boys. Heh, of course it’s small, but Tim is now much more aware. I’m like he did something wrong, you clear up your mess. That’s the only way they learn. “

Speaking of the paparazzi who have followed Taimur since he was born, Kareena Kapoor Khan says they are doing things differently when it comes to Jeh. She said: “It was so overwhelming with Taimur… there was so much talk: what’s going on, how did they name him, so… Taimur has gone here, Tim is doing that. It was so much that both Saif and I felt that this time, we should relax. They are just kids at the end of the day. So we haven’t posted any pictures of Jeh yet, despite Tim cheerfully waving at the camera. “

But she adds that Saif Ali Khan makes fun of her when she poses for the paparazzi. The mother-of-two said: “Saif constantly teases me saying that when the mother is being happily photographed, the children see their mother posing and follow in her footsteps. He, on the other hand, is totally out of place … he doesn’t understand what the airport looks like … he will be wearing his pajamas and feeling comfortable on his flight. I’m trying to keep Jeh away from this, let’s see how long it lasts! “

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