From fake love stories to deteriorating standards of contestants, reality shows must break free of these tropes.

India will celebrate its 75th Independence Day on Sunday. As a society, we question whether we are really free given the situations that surround us. While some issues may be beyond us, reality TV content creators can surely give us a break from these hackneyed reality content tropes. Here’s a look … Also read – Indian Idol 12: Mohd Danish REVEALS who according to him should be the winner [EXCLUSIVE]

Fake love angle
All viewers will agree that the false angle of love seems like an incurable malaise lately. Despite the contestants clarifying that there really is no romance, people are eager to do couples shows. The recent example is Pawandeep Rajan and Arunita Kanjilal from Indian Idol 12. These two are fabulous singers, and they really didn’t quite reach for that crutch to further advance the show. Of course, contestants who want to make a career are not opposed as reality shows need masala, but viewers end up suffering. While he might still be fine on MTV reality shows, he looks terrible on talent-based ones. Also Read – Indian Idol 12: Nachiket Lele Shares Photos With Pawandeep Rajan, Arunita Kanjilal And Other Finalists From The Final Episode

Obsession for sob stories
Let’s be frank here. We really appreciate how reality TV has helped many young men and women find lucrative careers in avenues in which they excel, and pulled them out of dire circumstances. In fact, it is very enriching. While the stories of resilience, human spirit, and perseverance are commendable, one can’t help but notice how people play with the emotional quotient. Every talent show has contestants from affluent homes / settings who could be just as good, if not better. Somewhere, creators must strike a balance between empowering the underprivileged and bringing true talent to shine, regardless of financial background. Read Also – Indian Idol 12: Mohd Danish Reacts To Trolls, Criticisms Of Former Contestants, ‘There Are Hate Comments Even On Michael Jackson Videos’ [Exclusive]

Like fake love, fake compliments can also be very upsetting. We can understand that the filmmakers want to show that they have chosen the best, but let’s accept that the contestants are fans. The world will not fall if one of them is accused of underperforming or falling short. The purpose of an esteemed panel is to be honest so that people can genuinely grow.

Too much buffoonery
There are many who will agree that watching reality shows when something is not happening is actually painful. In fact, it is sometimes excruciating at times. Creators must be clear about what they want to present. Comedy, especially antics, should be reserved for comedy shows only. We see this happening on every show, be it Indian Idol or Dance Deewane.

Who are these stars?
There has to be a quality control on the type of contestants who get the best reality shows. People should realize that everyone is willing to accept any Tom, Dick, or Harry on a show. If the audience spends their precious time, the quality is better if it is good, even if it is a show around cat fighting. We hope the creators of Bigg Boss are reading this! Also, the trend of bringing in acquaintances from sister channel reality shows run by the same creative team should be banned. The same logic applies even to judges. We need someone who has a certain job.

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