BTS’s Jungkook breaks ARMY’s hearts, Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer spark dating rumors, and more

We are very happy to have the world of entertainment. It provides us with an escape from harsh reality and that can be very beneficial at times. This week was also very exciting when it came to Hollywood. From BTS’s Jungkook breaking ARMY’s hearts to Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer dating rumors, this is what happened in Hollywood last week. Also Read – BTS: You Will Be Surprised To Know What V Does For Hours When He Is Home Alone

BTS’s Jungkook breaks ARMY’s hearts while giving a major update on his song ‘Decalcomania’
BTS Jungkook’s ‘Decalcomania’ has always been one of the most talked about solo tracks that ARMY has been eagerly awaiting. He released a short 1 minute 18 second version of the song on his 22nd birthday. Since then, ARMY has been patiently waiting for the full version of the song. BTS recently interacted with 200 fans and addressed various topics on the zoom call. A fan asked the Euphoria singer about the full version of Decalcomania, Jungkook said that he deleted the track’s file folder, leaving fans heartbroken. Also Read – REVEALED: This is how BTS selects their songs from composers around the world and is truly FTW!

Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, are they a couple?

Friends stars Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer are rumored to be dating. As you may already know, they had revealed their secret crush on each other during Friends: The Reunion. Now, it seems like they’ve taken it to the next level. According to the Closer Online report, Jennifer and David are dating. The two stars have spent more time together since filming the Friends reunion with the other co-stars on the show’s 25th anniversary. Also read – Trending Hollywood news today: BTS’s RM reveals he’s envious of Jin, Britney Spears’s father Jamie Spears, resigns from guardianship, and more

Did you know that the original lyrics to BTS and Ed Sheeran’s Permission to Dance were like a marriage proposal?
BTS’s latest song, Permission to Dance, is doing very well. Nicole Kim, leader of the BIG HIT MUSIC A&R team, recently spoke with BTS and Ed Sheeran about modifying the song to fit the message of hope during the pandemic, which resulted in the end result. Nicole said that BTS “liked the track as it was, but the original lyrics were more like a marriage proposal, more personal, like a love song.” He added: “In the process of consolidating and conveying the theme, and how other people translate it into the actual letter, if we use vague language, then the people who listen to it have a completely different image in mind, so to Sometimes we offer a hypothetical story to be as specific as possible. “

Cardi B calls people who don’t bathe regularly
Hollywood is embroiled in a debate about bathing regularly or not after Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis stated that they do not believe in bathing their children regularly. Cardi B took to her Twitter account and wrote: “What about people who say they don’t bathe? They are itching.” Well, Hollywood celebrities can debate some really funny topics sometimes.

Does Kanye West claim that Kim Kardashian is still in love with him?
As you may already know, Kanye West is creating a new song titled Donda, the lyrics of which have left fans wondering if the song is based on Kim Kardashian. The lyrics to the song are, “Time and space are a luxury / But you came here to prove you’re still in love with me”, and fans speculate that he is saying that Kim is still in love with him. Kim and Kanye filed for divorce earlier this year.

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