A rising digital creator whose music and dance content is winning our hearts

Shivangi Sethi, August 14, 2021

Dev Raiyani (Source: Instagram | @devraiyanii)

Dev Raiyani (Source: Instagram | @devraiyanii)

Creating content can be about striking the perfect balance between creativity and reliability. And well, Youtube Y Instagram They are social media platforms that give creators of the new generation a space for creativity. There are so many creators trying to express themselves on these amazing platforms. However, a profile that has clearly stood out for me is that of Dev raiyani, increase Gen-Z star who is sweeping the internet with his talent and content. Here’s everything you need to know about Dev, the guy who is fast becoming a household name on social media.

A little bit about Dev

Dev Raiyani published his first Youtube video at the age of 13, but began creating content full time in 2020. Today he is a boy from Mumbai who is making a mark among the Gen-Z clan on social media platforms. I guess what everyone says about hard work and dedication is true, don’t you agree? With her fearless self, unwavering confidence, and incredible content, she has earned so much love and support from her fans in such a short time. Also, a peculiar fact about Dev is that he has a great interest in software programming. Not only that, he is exceptionally proficient in languages ​​such as Java, HTML, Y Piton, which is great, right? Dev, you are making everyone proud with all of your accomplishments and we love your positive spirit.

All about Dev Raiyani’s content

What can we say about this 19-year-old boy? Dev Raiyani is accessing the digital space with more than 300,000 subscribers in Youtube and a verified Instagram bill. Oh boy every time we open Instagram we meet Dev’s viral Coils And then we keep watching it on repeat. Speaking of content, Dev is a creator and artist who portrays his passion for music and dance on the internet, which works wonders for him. Some of his popular songs like Cool boy, Thinking about the past, Doing well, Loved enough They have made room on our playlist. If you haven’t listened to their songs yet, you must! Besides, his vlogs, Questions and answers, the challenge videos are super fun to watch excessively.

We love how Dev collaborates with his creator friends What Taneesha mirwani, Agasthya Shah Y Tarini shah, among others, to create fun and identifiable videos. This rising digital creator receives recognition from his viewers for his sarcasm-filled comedy, and so we say, “Keep that content coming!”

Here’s what Dev Raiyani has to say about his journey:

Exactly one year ago, it had 10,000 followers on Instagram and now it has reached 200,000 and is growing every day. I faced many challenges during this journey of being a content creator. Some of them were like managing my studies and creating content at the same time. I’ve been doing this since I was 13, but I always tried to balance things out when I started doing coils. I divided my time, did content during the day, and attended college at night. I had to do this because I love creating content for other people, but at the same time I didn’t want to get too busy with my plate as that could lead to stress and affect my mental health. So every now and then I took a few breaks from content creation and finally came back stronger than ever. Honestly, creating content is something that I would love to keep doing for the rest of my life. Also, eventually, I would like to move towards the realization of my dream of making movies and showing the untold Indian stories that the world does not know yet.

I love how Dev is making such significant accomplishments and strengthening her family. Also, I’m excited to see all that he has in store for all of us. So, what are you waiting for? Check their profile right away for some entertaining content. Also, I hope you all stay home and stay safe.


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