Nayanthara is the hero who saves men and that’s it in this ‘blind’ adaptation

Netrikann Movie Review Rating: 3/5 stars (three stars)

Star cast: Nayanthara, Ajmal Ameer, Manikandan and ensemble

Director: Milind rau

Netrikann Movie Review!
Netrikann Movie Review: Starring Nayanthara and Directed by Milind Rau (Image Credit: Youtube / Sony Music South)

What is good: Nayanthara lives up to her ‘Lady Superstar’ tag and leads the pack, while Milind Rau gives her a platform almost baked enough to prove her point.

What is bad: The almost baked platform, of course. By the way, this is also a remake, so you know. But I won’t be as tough as Narappa; Netrikann strives to have his unique soul.

Loo Break: not when the visual crescendo is at its peak. Take one when the villain is telling his backstory because, at this point, he has already predicted it. Stop spoon-feeding.

To look or not ?: Nayanthara fans won’t even wait for this review to come out, and they have a treat too. If you are not one of them and want an opinion, try it without expectations, you will come out happy.

Idiom: Tamil (with English subtitles)

Available in: Disney Plus Hotstar

Customer Reviews:

Durga (Nayanthara), a CBI officer, is the bravest and most righteous, at least the introduction suggests. One night a trip home with her brother and a small mistake takes her life, and Durga is left blind after the accident. A blind girl aimlessly and then one day she becomes the only “eye” witness to a serial killer and the cat and mouse chase begins. The plot may seem old, but there are good moments. Keep reading.

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Netrikann Movie Review: Script Analysis

Netrikann means ‘the third eye’. The film is adapted from the Korean film ‘Blind’, which already has multiple versions around the world. Sonam Kapoor is doing the Hindi version, by the way. So what does Nayanthara with Milind Rau add to this already told story? Emotions

Rau, at this point, knows the fodder that creates a perfect masala movie for her audience and how to outfit a female superstar to save men. A star of Nayanthara’s position, already called Lady Superstar, can only do justice to a part that changes the dynamics of an industry or country as a whole, which has adored machismo on screen. She is blind, but also brave. She doesn’t need a man to save her, but she is saving several. Wow, team! I am ready for this.

Milind Rau writes Netrikann as an ode to her Lady Superstar and equips her character with the best capes. She is an orphan who feels responsible for her brother’s death. Also, she is now blind and cannot have her CBI job. Create a blank canvas to paint a new story and begin the dark phase of the movie.

Enter James (Ajmal Ameer), who is a pervert and has some strange problems. Taking him down and saving the girls he has kidnapped becomes Durga’s mission. While the villain is written in one tone, and all he accomplished is sexualizing every possible woman, he gets nothing else. Of course, there is also humor. At a point where Durga acts like she can see, it’s fun to watch.

But the movie falls prey to predictable nature. We know that the bad man is a pervert and circumstances have multiplied the monster within him. The creators give a predictable flashback, and that kills the essence. At this point we know not to spoon feed him. Likewise, when the chases happen, which are choreographed quite well, why is no one around? It’s a city and it was also pre-COVID, where are the people?

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Netrikann Movie Review: Star Performance

A lead actor like a blind Durga saving her brother Gautham from a serial killer with her sharp mind may seem easy for a writer to think about, but for a producer investing and hoping as a team it will bring the same applause as a man saving the world. What the day brings is noteworthy. Nayanthara is here to prove her power as a profitable star, and she manages to do quite well.

The blind act seems a bit shocked when it begins, but once the movie progresses, Nayanthara does too. Also, watch out for her when she plays a blind girl acting that she can see, cleverly done.

Ajmal Ameer gets to play the pervert, and it seems like one (a compliment). But when you have to do the same thing 10 times, it gets repetitive. But Ajmal manages to create the much-needed spooky atmosphere.

Manikandan, who plays Manikandan, is an instantly likable character and the movie deserves it. However, his bow from being a ridiculed officer to the most respected deserved more meat.

Netrikann movie review: direction, music

Milind Rau’s focus at all times is, of course, his muse Nayanthara. He uses the basic technique to create the thriller emotion and he does it excellently. However, a complaint in a chase sequence when Gautham tells Durga to show him around on a video call, and he realizes that the killer is sitting in front, why did no one on the team suggest that he should take a screenshot?

The movie’s music makes little to no sense because of how it’s placed. Sung by Sid Sriram with his melodious voice, the songs deserve better.

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Netrikann Movie Review: The Last Word

Netrikann is definitely a big step towards a powerful representation of women in Tamil cinema. Look at it for that. There are loopholes, but you can cross them if you want.

Netrikann Trailer

netrikann launches on August 13, 2021.

Share with us your experience of watching netrikann.

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