5 hobbies to encourage that will help ward off pandemic sadness

Nelly Wadia, August 13, 2021

Take up a hobby to encourage being stuck at home during the pandemic.  By miniwide |  www.shutterstock.com

Take up a hobby to encourage being stuck at home during the pandemic. By miniwide | www.shutterstock.com

When the pandemic first hit, a lot of fear spread, people lost their jobs, people lost loved ones. Needless to say, it affected everyone’s mental health. So sometimes to break the routine and get out of the routine, it is beneficial to indulge in some hobbies. Who knows if it could turn into a passion that turns into a profitable business. It will help you refocus your stress and fear on an activity and being mentally and physically active is good. Here are some easy to learn hobbies that cost nothing and will easily keep you entertained.

Here are 5 hobbies that will help you deal with that pandemic sadness:

1) Dancing

Dancing is such a common hobby, it’s so much fun dancing with a group of people and if this is something you miss, you can always sign up for classes online. How can you look Youtube videos for training sessions will be quite similar to that. It’s a fun way to exercise, get fit, and learn something new. It’s a great activity to enjoy with your family, spouse, or siblings too.

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2) Crochet and sewing

We all saw Tom daley knitting a sweater for him in the Olympic Games, said knitting really allowed her to better focus her energy during the pandemic. If you love clothes and you always find yourself looking at the price before shopping, this sounds like a great hobby. Start small, start with embroidery and little patchwork patches to spice up old clothes, make it into a fun DIY night out. This is a great time to repurpose old clothes, and who knows, people might start to pick up on all of your fun ideas and might even want to buy what you make.

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3) Gardening

If you are looking for a hobby that gives you peace in addition to sleep, gardening is definitely the hobby for you. You don’t need to have a green thumb to be and you don’t need a farm to live the dreams of your life. Urban gardening has become incredibly popular during the pandemic. People have vertical gardens and have started growing edible food. This is a great way to get your greens and the best thing is that there is a ton of very useful information available online. It will guide you throughout your journey.

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4) Cooking and baking

If this is an area of ​​interest to you, this is one of the easiest hobbies to pick up. Search for recipes online and spend your time experimenting, adjusting, and trying different cuisines and ingredients. What I love about cooking and baking is how you start with one thing and then end with something incredibly unique. It’s like color mixing, you wouldn’t think that blue and yellow would make you green. It amazes me every time. Try watching a bunch of cooking shows too if you want to see what people from all over the world are up to.

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5) Arts and crafts

There are tons of online workshops that you can do for a small fee. I took one very recently and it felt great to spend 1 hour every day nurturing an interest of mine. Turn off your phone, it’s okay for it to be unavailable when you’re doing something you love. Some workshops you can take are botanical line drawing, resin art, ceramics, clay art, DIY, paper quilling, watercolor painting, mandala drawing, clay art with which you can make jewelry and eventually sell. Of course this is me just scratching the surface of the things you can learn online, if you look hard enough you will surely find something you really love. Being artistic is one of the best hobbies to cultivate.

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What are some of the hobbies that helped you overcome this pandemic? Let me know in the comments below.

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