Six reels from the creator on the popular Bollywood song ‘Zaalima Coca Cola’ that made everyone fashionable

Alice Peter, Aug 12, 2021

Zaalima Coca Cola, Tanya Balchandani, Awez Darbar, Nora Fatehi, Sameeskha Sud, Mohak Manghani (Source: Instagram | litglittersbytanya, @awez_darbar, @ sameeksha.sud_)

Zaalima Coca Cola, Tanya Balchandani, Awez Darbar, Nora Fatehi, Sameeskha Sud, Mohak Manghani (Source: Instagram | litglittersbytanya, @awez_darbar, @ sameeksha.sud_)

There is a new trend on the block and the song is so catchy that it will instantly put you in a good mood. The new Reel trend in Instagram Its on Nora fatehi‘the last Bollywood song’,Zaalima Coca Cola‘and the creators have gotten super creative with their content. On today’s list for this trending audio number, we have creators who not only pulled it off with some incredible dance moves, but also tried out some impressive transition videos. And boy we were blown away, so what are you waiting for? Scroll and see the Coils made creators immediately!

Check ‘in outside…

1. Awez darbar

We love how refreshing Awez Darbar’s dance choreography is. And this in Zaalima Coca Cola with Nora Fatehi it is so good that we may have seen it too many times. Also, can we especially mention how amazing their sync up and the rapport is in this Reel… I love it and how!

2. Garima Chaurasia

Garima you kill, gurl! This content creator never fails to impress us with her stunning videos and amazing takes on the viral trend. She rightfully adds her own personal touch to these trends and that is why we always look forward to her content.

3. Sameeksha Sud

Taking on this trend like a boss here is Sameeksha Sud, who improved this Reel with her wonderful, vibrant smile. We love how this duo has brought a touch of cuteness to this dance. Reel in Zaalima Coca Cola.

Four. Anam darbar

Anam Darbar and Nora have absolutely murdered this dance Reel in audio trends. We love how this dance video has a classy vibe that bounces back as the beat picks up and becomes an energetic one. Also, I love how the two are color coordinated for this one. Reel too.

5. Tanya balchandani

Make way for the queen of transitions, Tanya! Whenever there is a fashion trend, we hope Tanya will add her own unique twists and smooth transitions. In this Reel trend, we love how Tanya has stuck to her signature Reel brand incorporating a makeup tutorial with some amazing transitions and finished it off with the hook step of Zaalima Coca Cola. We’re saving this one for later just because it’s so good!

6. Dikshita Jindal

Well here is a variation of the Reel trend that literally blew our minds. With every shot you know it’s a makeup transformation that’s building, and then bam! here comes the final look that is from Nora Fatehi. We love how Dikshita leaves us mesmerized with the look of each actor he recreates and this one is great. Plus, brownie points for making the Zaalima Coca Cola hook step while creating this look.

So here are some creators who blew us away and in awe with their version of the Zaalima Coca Cola Reel trend. It sure made us dance and defo encouraged us to try this Reel trend. Are you excited to try it too? Yes Yes, tell us if any of these Coils it’s going to be you inspo, ‘because tbh all of these are truly ours. Also, on a side note, we hope everyone reading this will stay home and stay safe. And please get vaccinated.

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