6 ‘What I Want Rn’ Filter Performance Reels That Made Us Laugh

Deepal Mehta, Aug 12, 2021

Mehak Ghai, Mrunal Panchal, Deeksha Khurana (Source: Instagram | hakmehakghaiii @mrunu @deekshakhurana)

Mehak Ghai, Mrunal Panchal, Deeksha Khurana (Source: Instagram | hakmehakghaiii @mrunu @deekshakhurana)

Instagram it has been the sole source of our daily entertainment, has it not? This is purely possible ‘why of amazing features Instagram comes with. One of those features that we love is filters and the best part is when they become fashionable. So a 15 year old girl named Ashfa he came up with the ‘What i want rn‘filter that took over Instagram like a storm. She has two other filters besides this one that look super quirky, which again you should defo check. Speaking of this filter, it was used by many creators and each of them had some funny expressions of what they got. Scroll down to find out who these creators are and what their reactions were.

Take a look at some hilarious expressions

1. Mrinal Panchal alias Mrunu

This is surely at the top of my list, every day! Also, the best part of this Reel it’s the ending where Mrunu lays down to go to sleep honestly, he looks so adorable and cute. I feel like this is the one and only accurate representation of each Gen-Z In the House. Aren’t we all always wanting more and more sleep? Mrunu It seems that the universe asks you to sleep more, so take advantage of that, he he.

2. Bandgi kalra

Okay, let me be honest … The legend of Bandgi is even more fun than the filter itself, ha ha ha. I love how you have modified the whole filter in just 3 words. But yeah, I have to agree that I too would love to go for a Holidays immediately but in the half of a pandemic, you don’t feel well. Also, I hope they don’t “get out” of the house unless it is very necessary.

3. Deeksha Khurana

I think everyone can relate to and agree with every part of this. Reel. I know how our lives today are so influenced by social media. The type of content that is consumed on the Internet affects the mood every day. In addition, due to the pandemic, it could little‘overwhelming. So let me tell you if you are feeling stressed and need someone to talk to, then speak up and help yourself.

Four. Nyra banerjee

First of all, Nyra is absolutely not seen Cayut from the beginning to the end of this Reel? Second, this has to be one of my favorite reelswhy my reaction would be exactly the same as hers just because I’m a great foodie. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been able to see your amazing reaction if you hadn’t used this filter. So thank you Nyra for bringing a smile to our faces through your ever so happy self.

5. Mehak Ghai

Ha ha ha, this has to be the funniest and most shocking reaction of all. She said ‘what just happened’ in her mind, ha ha ha. I guess I wasn’t ready at all for that option. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at the Reel yourself and maybe your reaction is the same as hers.

6. Naveen Sharma

My God, everybody #Individual in the house this would defo be quite identifiable to you. Coming to the Reel, I loved how Naveen gave a corny spin at the end. #may l He has always given me the #Couple Goals it vibrates and I don’t know about you, but surely I want something like them. Then yes. I’m with Naveen on this one!

Well these were just a few of the creators who had the best reactions to this trend. I have also noticed that many of these filters are being noticed by creators who have definitely helped both the parties, whoever created the filter and whoever uses it. So tell us which one was you Favourite of these in the comments below. Also, we hope you are well and that you reserve your spaces for vaccinations as soon as possible. See you around!


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