WTF Wednesday: Jeh, Jehangir or Jungkook

When the two young lovers, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, professed their love for each other in William Shakespeare’s lyrical Romeo and Juliet, the latter made a philosophical statement: ‘What’s in a name? That which we call rose or by any other name would smell so sweet ‘as many believed. It simply meant that the name of a thing does not matter so much its quality. But it seems that if you are born in this time, what matters the most is the name to distinguish one from the other, in order to decide how one should be treated. And the incessant trolling by Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan over their children’s names says a lot about the society we live in today. Also read: Kareena Kapoor Khan REVEALS Saif Ali Khan’s reaction when she lost her sex drive while pregnant with Jeh

Do you remember how a certain part of the people brutally trolled Kareena and Saif for naming their first son Taimur Ali Khan? Now they are tracking down the name of their second son, Heh. From wondering if Jeh is short for Jehangir or Jehlaluddin to making weird phrases using the name, trolls blatantly flaunted their sick mindsets on social media platforms. Also read: Kareena Kapoor Khan REFUSES to reveal the face of her second son Jeh while sharing a throwback image of baby Taimur

Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor middle baby name, Heh, Heh puns, Heh memes Also read: Did this POPULAR star meet Kareena Kapoor Khan’s son Jeh on Sunday?

It all happened after a report claiming that Kareena and Saif’s second child was named Jehangir in the actress’s newly released book, Pregnancy Bible: The Ultimate Manuel for Moms-to-be. Kareena was said to claim to have captioned Jeh’s photos as Jehangir. However, the book’s publisher, Chiki Sarkar, later clarified that Kareena never mentioned the name Jehangir and that she always called him Jeh, including her own book.

But since the trolls were busy with their hate campaign, they didn’t bother to check the facts before pointing their guns at the Bollywood couple. Even during the virtual launch of her book with filmmaker Karan Johar, when asked by her son’s name, Kareena announced that he was Jeh Ali Khan.

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But the question here is, ‘Why is a certain section of people so concerned with a name?’ Well, the first and only reason we are all aware of is the deep-seated Islamophobia or hatred against Muslims that has existed in our country for many decades. People were angry that a Hindu actor like Kareena chose to marry a Muslim actor like Saif after falling in love with him. Cut to the present, it seems that the little seed of hatred has grown into a huge tree that these people now even feel like they can control other people’s personal lives as well.

It is quite alarming given the current situations because it seriously affects the lives of people who get involved for no reason. Also, being a Bollywood celebrity does not mean that your personal lives are open to public consumption. What they do and how they want to spend their lives is each individual’s birthright that no one can be deprived of.

And that’s the bottom line: whether Kareena and Saif choose to name their son Jeh, Jehangir, or Jungkook, it’s no one’s business.

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