Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani recall their most difficult scenes; say: ‘No actor can tell you what it’s like to give your life for the country’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Acting on screen, whatever the role, is not an easy task, but the task becomes much more difficult when an actor takes on a real-life character, especially if that real-life character has been a war hero. Which led us to how difficult it must have been for Shershaah’s couple, Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani, to part with their actual characters that they were portraying in the life of the reel, especially during the scenes of untold sacrifice, and how overwhelming it must be. have been pushing themselves. in such scenarios even if only on camera. Here’s what they revealed to BollywoodLife when they posed the question in an exclusive interview …

“I think all the portions in Kargil because the oxygen was so low that even when he (director Vishnuvardhan) used to say, ‘Cut,’ we used to be like … (describes how they kept panting). So even though he says ‘Cut’, we’re still in that zone, trying to catch our breath. We also trained, but even the army officers would recommend taking it easy, but of course when they had to do it in the real world, they broke all of that (physical barriers) and made it. But I keep thinking about Kargil – it was the first time I filmed there, I think, the whole first time I filmed there, it was the first time a Hindi movie was shot there, and it is very close to the actual control line. (LOC), where the battle took place, about 10-15 kilometers away, ”said Sidharth Malhotra.

“The oxygen is different there, we are about 12,000-14.00 feet above sea level, and that is where I had to do my final scenes, the scene in which Captain Vikram Batra put his life. It is within those mountains in one of those places. When you know the scene is coming, as an actor you start preparing weeks and months before and as the days get closer you try to represent it in your head, try to imagine what it would be like. And I think those are the most complicated scenes to do because no actor can tell you what it is to die, what it is like to give your life for the country, especially in this case. We are all doing our versions of that, ”added the actor.

“I remember Vishnu was planning to shoot it in the first week, ten days after going there, and I remember calling him and asking him, ‘Do you really want to shoot this in the first week, ten days? You know, it’s like the climax of the movie, ‘and he said,’ No … no … no … let’s do it backwards … do this now. We will go back to history after a while. And I think it worked, it really worked because that feeling of nervousness or anxiety before doing an important scene never goes away and sometimes it really lends itself to something so honest that you hadn’t planned, that’s where the magic happens. I think all great scenes and great movies have moments that are accidents. We, as a tram, are quite happy with the outcome of that scene and now we hope that the audience will feel the same once they see the film, ”concluded Sidharth Malhotra.

“I think everyone, and especially for me, the intention was to keep the feeling and emotion authentic and true in every scene. Whether it’s preparing myself by meeting Dimple (Dimple Cheema, the real-life girlfriend of Kargil’s martyred war hero Vikram Batra) to understand that and then be true to that and move on, I feel like there were many occasions in the movie in the ones that sir (Vishnuvardhan) would say, ‘Cut’, and would still be in that area, particularly perhaps in that last scene. There are two other scenes that come to mind: one is when Captain Vikram Batra tells Dimple that he has decided to join the Indian Army and in this scene, I feel like Vishnu sir has written it with a lot of subtext, and I will give it a lot. Credit to Sid (Sidharth) also because we had a lot of conversations before doing this scene, where he (Vishnu) said, ‘Make it feel like a breakup because it’s natural at that time for a couple to have that fight with each other.’ , but there’s also that subtext that she supports it, which is what a lover would do at that moment and the emotion of a strong woman saying, ‘Go ahead, do it’, just like she said it, there was so much emotion in that scene So many layers were many moments when he called, ‘Cut,’ and we would still be in that area, and still true to that moment, “said Kiara Advani.

Sidharth Malhotra and Kiara Advani’s biographical war film Shershaah, based on the life of Kargil’s martyr war hero Captain Vikram Batra, is directed by prominent Tamil filmmaker Vishnuvardhan on its Bollywood debut and is released on 12th of August on Amazon Prime.

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