‘Maine Akshay Kumar ke sath 13 movies kar li hai, jisme maine uske sare jokes dekh liye hai,’ says Bell Bottom actress Lara Dutta [Exclusive]

In her career spanning over 18 years, Lara Dutta has worked with Akshay Kumar on nearly 13 movies and with that, she has also discovered all of his naughty pursuits. She will reunite with Akshay in her upcoming movie Bell Bottom, which will be released in theaters on August 19. We all know that Akshay is a joker on film sets and so is Lara. So when Lara initially received a call from Akshay offering her the role of former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in Bell Bottom, she thought that actor Khiladi was actually playing a prank on her on the phone call. Also read – From Shah Rukh Khan to Deepika Padukone: THESE Bollywood Celebrities were ACCUSED of hurting religious feelings

“‘Maine Akshay ke sath 13 movies kar li hai, jisme maine uske sare jokes dekh liye hai. So when he called me to offer me this movie, I actually thought he was making a joke,’ Ke Lara you Indira Gandhi ban jaa ‘ And I was like, ‘Haiinn? Ye kya hua. Lol,’ “Lara told Bollywood Life. Also Read: Why Bell Bottom Will Launch On Raksha Bandhan Weekend Instead Of Independence Day Weekend? Akshay Kumar UNMASKS the TRUTH

She continued, “But you know, Akshay is a definite professional. His discipline is beyond anyone else’s type of behavior. And for me, Akshay goes beyond being my hero or co-star. I consider Akshay like my family. We’ve done 13 movies together. And we don’t need to tell anyone what to do. The reactions come to us instinctively. So there is a camaraderie between us that makes it very, very easy, we don’t have to make any effort. Over the years, of course, Akshay has also grown tremendously as an artist, from Andaz to now. He has also reinvented himself in many ways by doing some brilliant roles right now. He always brings this positive attitude on screen that he doesn’t It feels like we’re doing some work, it feels like we’re on a picnic. ” Also Read: Amid Kareena Kapoor Trolling Over Sita And Deepika Padukone’s Alleged Expulsion From Baiju Bawra, Bell Bottom Actress Lara Dutta’s Revelation About Pay Disparity Is A Surprise [Exclusive]

But playing the late prime minister was not easy. It took Lara three hours to be transformed by makeup artist Vikram Gaikwad every time she filmed for a scene in the character of Indira Gandhi and another hour to get out of it and become Lara Dutta again. Apart from the look, Lara paid special attention to Indira Gandhi’s body language.

“I searched a lot of filming, interviews, archived videos, studied her body language and understood how we want to portray her given the abduction situation that Bell Bottom has. After that, it was also like getting inside Ms Gandhi’s head to understand what was the situation at the time the event occurred in 1984 and how she would react. Therefore, not just body language, it was also important to mentally understand her state of mind. This is how the performance was constructed. ” she said.

Lara admitted that there was pressure and nervousness until the moment she stepped on the set. “The reaction of the people on set was so shocking that I started to think why they were behaving that way. But when I came out of the role, I realized how powerful their presence was at that moment, the kind of people they were. around her and the strong personality she had. And just looking like her would change many people’s perception of me. And that’s when we realized that this is something that is working. And once it’s rolled, the camera and the action happen, you forget about everything else, “she added.

Speaking about the criticism she might face for her portrayal of Ms. Gandhi, Lara concluded: “I am not the first actor to play Ms. Gandhi on screen. I will definitely not be the last actor to do that. I understand that it is impossible. to keep everyone happy all the time. It’s impossible for 100 percent of people to look at it and say “Oh, this is great, very accurate.” So I know. But my job as an actress is the responsibility of portraying it as best I can. “

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