“If your husband doesn’t understand that, how can he be the father of your child?”

Read on to find out everything Kareena Kapoor Khan had to say while talking about the Bible on pregnancy (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan welcomed their second child together in February this year. Kareena, who has always talked about her life and her choice, has written a book called ‘Pregnancy Bible’, and has some exciting anecdotes from her pregnancy days and her working mother’s schedule. The actress recently opened up about the book during an Insta live session with Karan Johar.

From sharing why you chose to work during your tenure and shortly after giving birth to pregnant women who need a supportive spouse at all times, read on to find out everything Bebo had to say.

While speaking with Karan Johar during the digital launch of her book Pregnancy Bible, Kareena Kapoor Khan spoke about choosing to work during and after pregnancy. The actress said: “It was, of course, that I wanted to be happy. When I am working and away from home, doing the things I love, I am happier. Of course, I received a lot of support from Saif. What a pregnant woman wants to hear are words of comfort and encouragement from her spouse. I think she wants her husband to make her feel loved, happy, safe, and that’s what Saif made me feel and allowed me to do that. I think most wives or mothers should make sure that their husbands give them a lot of love and comfort. “

When asked by Karan Johar about losing her sex drive during pregnancy and Saif Ali Khan understood her and stood by her during those days, Kareena Kapoor Khan said that having a supportive man is vital. She added: “People just feel like … When you’re pregnant, they don’t realize what kind of moods, emotions, feelings, what you really feel about yourself. That is so important. Some days, I would feel super amazing and sexy, and I would feel ‘oh my gosh, I look so sexy with this belly’ and I feel amazing, and I would say to Saif that or he would say, ‘You look beautiful.’ “

Kareena Kapoor Khan continued: “But there were moments after six or seven months when I felt like… Of course, I was exhausted and couldn’t get up sometimes in the morning. But sometimes, it’s just a feeling of revulsion. You are in a state of mind where you don’t know what to think. It is very important to have a supportive man and most men should not pressure their wives to a) look beautiful during pregnancy and b) feel less so. That pressure shouldn’t be there or like ‘this is it, our normal sex life has to be super active’.

He also said: “It has to be in accordance with what the woman feels and what she is feeling at that moment. If your husband doesn’t understand that, how can he be the father of your child? He has to love you in all ways. It’s a topic that I’ve written about in the book because most women are afraid to talk about it. “

Kareena was also candid about having a personal choice about breastfeeding, means of delivery, and much more. Check out Kareena Kapoor Khan and Karan Johar’s live Instagram session here:

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