“I don’t even get proper copyrights for my songs.”

Read on to find out everything Itni Shakti Hame Dena’s data singer Pushpa Pagdharen has to say about her financial situation.

The motivational song Itni Shakti Hame Dena Data by Ankush by Nana Patekar 1986 is a cult and has millions of views on Youtube. But did you know that the artist who sang the song, Pushpa Pagdhar, is struggling to survive on a daily basis? The singer recently revealed that no music label pays her royalties.

According to a recent report, she said that she is forced to ask family members for financial help as she does not receive adequate royalties for her songs and grants from 3,150 rupees that she receives is never on time. Read on to find out what he had to say next.

As reported in Times Of India, Pushpa Pagdhar was candid about her financial status, saying: “I have a couple of relatives who help me when the need arises. I don’t even get copyright for my songs. “She adds:” I am totally dependent on others and they come to my rescue and not the government, which ignores artists like us who live alone and have no income or support. ” .

Pushpa Pagdhar added that despite several requests to the state government since 1989 for a house – she currently resides alone in the Machimaar Colony of Mahim, they have turned a deaf ear to her appeals. Itni Shakti singer Hame Dena Data said: “In these decades I have traveled all over the state to raise funds for villages affected by drought and other social endeavors and every time I returned to Mumbai and tried to meet with the minister about my file, the only response I got was: “He’s on tour” or “He’s not available.” The government must understand the plight of many singers like me whom they must look at and give them the respect they need. “

Speaking of not receiving royalties for the songs he has sung, Pushpa Pagdhare said: “I sang the song ‘Aga Pori Sambhal Daryala Toofan Aalay’ with Mohammed Rafi, which was very popular. I was paid royalties until the moment the HMV music label was active. Payments stopped after the tag stopped working. The fees I receive from the department of culture of the state of 3,150 rupees it is not paid on time either. At the very least, the royalties have to come so that I can take care of myself. “

Adding that he enjoys watching singing on reality shows, Pagdhare revealed that he is not in contact with the musical fraternity. Itni Shakti singer Hame Dena Data said: “Today’s singers get paid very well, but in our day we took what producers paid us.” She added that they paid her 250 rupees for Itni Shakti Hame Dena Data. She stated: “The music composer, Kuldeep Singh, was new and got a break with the movie, ‘Ankush.’ I was paid 250 rupees for it and have been told that the same song is now the ringtone on the phones of most ministers and politicians. But none of them pay attention to the needs of the singer who sang that song. “

Pushpa Pagdhare signed saying that she does not want a new appeal to be filed in terms of her pending application, but that she needs financial assistance and a house to live.

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