Foods to avoid during the monsoon to stay healthy, as directed by a dietitian

Suruchi Patwary, August 10, 2021

Spicy Onion Pakoras By SAM THOMAS A |

Spicy Onion Pakoras By SAM THOMAS A |

When you think of the monsoon, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Rain yes, but also garam chai or coffee and a steaming plate of pakoras, straight? While it is true that these two are somewhat synonymous, it should also be noted that the season also brings infections and flu. That is why it is very important to take care of the diet and increase the immunity of your body.

There are some foods that are best avoided during each season, and since it is monsoon, we spoke with the dietitian. Vidhi chawla to find out more about what not to eat during the rains. She said,

When Covid-19 is wreaking havoc around the world, the monsoon could be even more dangerous to your health. During the rainy season, the digestive season doesn’t even work at its maximum capacity. The digestion process is further slowed down by eating unhealthy and fried snacks. This can also lead to digestion problems or bloating.

To stay fit and healthy, there are some foods to avoid during the monsoon:

1. Vegetables

Green Vegetables by Aprilphoto |

Green Vegetables by Aprilphoto |

Even though they are considered extremely healthy foods, leafy greens should be eaten with care in this changing climate, as increased humidity levels make them a perfect breeding ground for germs. During the monsoon, it is best to avoid leafy greens. The germs are mainly found in vegetables like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and spinach. Make sure all vegetables are well washed, boiled, and well cooked.

2. Seafood

Seafood By Poring Studio |

Seafood By Poring Studio |

The monsoon is not a good season to eat seafood. This is the breeding season for fish and prawns, so it is best to avoid shellfish. During the monsoon, fish contain eggs within their bodies, which when consumed can cause severe stomach pain or even food poisoning. Stick to lamb or chicken to satisfy your non-vegetarian food craving. And if seafood is a must, then be sure to bring a fresh variety of seafood and cook it well.

3. Fried foods

Fried Foods by Rahul D Silva |

Fried Foods by Rahul D Silva |

Fried food is one of the foods that you should definitely avoid during the monsoon. Our digestion process slows down or doesn’t even work at full capacity during the rainy season due to the humidity of the climate. Eating a lot pakoras, kachori Y Samosas it can potentially cause gastronomic complications. Sometimes extra salty foods can lead to water retention. During the monsoon, always stay away from street food, especially gappas goal where water is used.

4. Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks can weaken the digestive system and also reduce the minerals present in the body, which leads to a reduction in enzyme activity. Instead of some fizzy drinks, you can opt for nimbu pani, Green Tea, jaljeera, shikanjietc, which is good for your digestive system. Instead of milk, always prefer to have curd or yogurt, as it prevents the possibility of bad bacteria entering the body.

5. Mushrooms

As we know, fungi grow in soil and wet areas. So, before consuming mushrooms, we must clean and wash them carefully. During the monsoon season, the risk of infection by insects and bacterial infections is higher. Therefore, it is better to avoid it during this season.

6. Juices

Jack Mankel Fruit Juices |

Jack Mankel Fruit Juices |

Any fresh food that has been cut ahead of time is unhealthy. It comes in contact with polluted air and should be avoided during the monsoon. Always opt for fresh fruits, even at home, do not leave cut fruits for too long. Cut it fresh and consume immediately.

Lastly, Vidhi says:

Always remember that your nutrition and immunity depend on the foods you eat. Therefore, you need to be more aware of what you eat. Don’t let the rains make you lazy. Always keep exercising to sweat out the extra moisture and potentially harmful bacteria. In these difficult times amid the pandemic, it is very important to monitor your immunity and focus on your diet and safety.

In this season, personal hygiene is paramount. This season brings with it a host of infections! Cases of ear infection, flu, common cold and eye infection such as conjunctivitis are multiplying and no signs should be ignored. Always keep drinking more and more water. Even if you are not thirsty, you should drink water and keep your body hydrated, otherwise it can lead to decreased immunity and make you feel lethargic.

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