7 beauty rules you must intentionally break

Kanak Devnani, Aug 10, 2021

In fact, some rules exist for a reason. For example, look both ways before crossing the street or always check the expiration date of products. But other rules are bound to be broken. As a general beauty or makeup addict, there are always a ton of prescriptive beauty rules that we must follow. From what lip colors are acceptable for day or night to using bleed-only products. We as women are expected to follow all kinds of rules. Don’t get me wrong, the rules are immensely helpful, especially when you step into the realm of beauty and have no idea what you’re doing.

But when it comes to fashion and beauty, there are times when you have to reinvent the wheel or just have fun and be creative. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and makeup is really about expressing yourself. Over the past year, the world has changed and so have many mantras for hair, makeup, and skincare that now feel outdated. So take this opportunity to break with the customs that have been instilled in us over time. Instead, push the limits or just ignore them entirely for truly great rewards.

Keep scrolling to see what beauty rules you should leave behind in the past.

1. The perfume is only for leaving the house.

While we haven’t been out of the house much this year, we’re used to spraying ourselves with a little perfume only when we go out. We are here to tell you that it is time to break that tradition. The power of the scents is amazing. You can bring back memories and tell stories or just feel good about the day ahead. So take out some of your favorite fragrances and spray.

2. Glitter makeup is not for every day

Most of the time you will see the glitter on the holidays or for sassy party looks. Whether it’s shiny nails or eye gazes, texture can add personality to a look and disguise any blemishes or blemished foundation applications. Glitter makes it so easy to add to any look, so why reserve it for special events only? While dazzling looks might not work every day, have fun with a bit of glitter in more subtle ways, like a sparkly eyeliner or a highlighted inner eye corner.

3. Use makeup products only as intended

We all tend to subconsciously stay within our comfort zone when it comes to makeup and we purchase products accordingly. But it’s time to get out of that rut. Being creative with your makeup is half the fun and will make you discover multiple uses for particular products. In fact, many professional makeup artists get the most out of their products by using them for various purposes. How to use your bronzer or blush on your eyes, cheeks, and lips for a subtle glow without being too bright or over the top. Or better yet, open up that big eyeshadow palette and you will get a shade of blush and highlight. Not to mention using earth tones to fill in your brows or do your eyeliner. The possibilities are endless.

4. You must follow a 10-step skin care regimen.

There are a host of skin care products that make it understandably difficult to choose the right skin care formula for your skin type. Thanks to beauty bloggers and influencers, honest reviews and recommendations have made things easier. However, the downfall had been them and the brands that led us to believe that we need a variety of skincare products to achieve healthy, glowing skin. But it couldn’t be further from the truth. Often sticking to a simple or basic routine and selecting only the products you really need to suit your skin type is more than enough.

5. Bangs don’t look good on curly hair.

TBH this rule is so old school. We all grew up believing that if you had curly hair you could never wear bangs. In fact, there are many new and radical ways to wear bands with curly hair. Bangs are for everyone, regardless of their hair type. All it takes is a good stylist who really understands your hair. Looking for inspo? Just take a look at Zendya, Selena Gomez, or even Taylor Swift They have rocked the bangs with their natural hair texture.

6. Don’t mix fragrances

While this beauty rule has some merit, it is not totally unbreakable. When mixing or layering fragrances, keep in mind which scents you combine. You don’t want to smell too intense or like a perfumery, right? For example, sweet with woody scents are a contrast that works well together, while combining sweet and vanilla together can be overwhelming.

7. A sassy lip is for a night out

Playing it safe with makeup is boring. Too often, sassy lips are designed for the evening or formal events, but there’s nothing stopping you from wearing them on a daily basis. And yes, even if you’re just sitting on the couch or shopping!

What beauty rules do you enjoy breaking? Let us know in the comments below.

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