6 reels that prove Niharika Nm and Ruhee Dosani rule Instagram with their charm

Deepal Mehta, Aug 09, 2021

Niharika Nm, Ruhee Dosani (Source: Instagram | @ruheedosani)

Niharika Nm, Ruhee Dosani (Source: Instagram | @ruheedosani)

In today’s age, don’t we all need someone to share our thoughts and feelings with? Like Raquel has Monica, Naina has Aditi, Niharika Nm has Ruhee Dosani. First of all, the only song that comes to mind when watching her Coils are ‘SaweetieBest friendfoot Doja cat. Second, I personally feel that they are friends who became family in a short time and that is the best and weirdest form of relationship. Sometimes being with your best friend is all the therapy you need, amirita? And the path of therapy they have chosen is to make us fall in love with them every time. Scroll down to see what their friendship is like!

watch this Gal-Pal Duo outside…

1. Two best friends in the room, could you …

Niharika Nm is known for creating comedy and social content that makes us scream ‘SAMEEE‘. Here’s another true and hilarious one. Reel for the two where they have played a role. Niharika is the boy and Ruhee becomes the girl and I love how they support and help each other to create content. Also, to see what they can do … check this out Reel.

2. Bachpan ka pyar

DammitBoth are a powerhouse of talent filled with an immense amount of energy in them. They jump on trends together like complete pros. What else do we do want even see, right? This Reel it is full of emotions, memories and entertainment. Niharika and Ruhi surely bought a smile on my face with their perf timing and wacky dance moves.

3. They are exchanging

Did you see any difference in this? Reel? I defo made! In the middle of this video, they changed their clothes and tbh they were so alike that it was almost difficult to tell who was Niharika and who was Ruhee, don’t you think too? I should also point out that having girlfriends is the best thing I’ve ever had. ”why then you always have twice as many outfits, ha ha. Honestly, they are pure #Goals.

4. Friends who kill together stay together

I can’t help saying this but nevertheless cliche They may seem like they complement each other like cookies, chocolate chips, cupcakes, and frosting. And that’s what makes a friend in need is a friend, right? Can you believe they danced to a commercial song, like WOW? These unconventional Coils make them stand out from the rest and also make me want to splash them with the tightest hugs, he he.

5. ‘Musick’

My God, I interact a lot with Niharika here. Who hates when your friends change the song right in the middle of the playback? Also, two of them arguing and fighting only exhibit the rawness of true friendship. The content they create together makes me eager to see more of these two.

6. Fashion Vibes

Okay, we are always looking for a friend to trend, right? Just like Niharika has Ruhee for her tendencies and I have her content to enjoy, ha ha. Their Coils They’re living proof that it’s the little things that matter. So if you are looking for some important friendship goals, you must defo check both profiles.

One tip, for future reference, save these posts as they would bring a smile to your face. Not forgetting, when both are together, they are like a fireball with a very energetic vibe. Also, if you’re looking to connect with some girlfriends, don’t forget to check out and download the ‘Girl tribe‘application by Missmalini. On a side note, I hope you are safe and vaccinated.


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