Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Launches Jammu and Kashmir 2021 Film Policy in Presence of Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani

J & K-2021 Movie Policy Launch (Photo Credit: Facebook / wikimedia)

In a significant step towards establishing Jammu and Kashmir as the first choice of film making destination for filmmakers, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha launched the long-awaited J&K Film Policy 2021 Thursday at a star-studded evening with renowned actor Aamir Khan. and filmmaker Rajkumar. Hirani, among others at SKICC in Srinagar.

In calling the day a historic one for Jammu and Kashmir, the Lieutenant Governor noted that the J&K government is creating a vibrant film ecosystem to bring back the golden age of cinema at J&K and transform the Union Territory into a film destination of choice.

“I invite filmmakers from around the world to come to J&K and explore the pristine beauty of Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, also take advantage of a number of tax and non-tax incentives, in addition to the world-class facilities offered by the J&K Government, ”said the Lieutenant Governor.

The government has established a single window mechanism; prepared Directories for Equipment, Location and Talent, as well as offering a number of incentives for filmmakers coming to Jammu and Kashmir.

The new policy also aims to maximize the potential of promising local talent and create livelihood opportunities for many, he added.

The Motion Picture Policy has been written after consultation with experts and an in-depth study of progressive motion picture policies in other states, union territories, and abroad. Suggestions of well-known names from the Indian film industry have also been incorporated when formulating the policy. The facility that you get at other locations in Europe or America, we are committed to providing the same at locations in Jammu and Kashmir, the Lieutenant Governor said.

Sinha pointed out that the presence of figures such as the world-renowned film industry on this occasion will give a great boost to the new government initiative to promote the film sector in the territory of the union.

Sinha said that the J&K Film Policy is not just a government document.

Jammu and Kashmir is reclaiming its proud legacy of association with the world of cinema and the long and cherished tradition of filmmaking. It is also a reflection of a changing development scenario in Jammu and Kashmir and represents the aspirations of the art sector, said the Lieutenant Governor.

To meet the needs of shooting the film, we have the workforce of more than 1,500 trained artists who will also provide an opportunity for local talents to show their skills, he said.

In addition, there are hundreds of unexplored places, which have been neglected by filmmakers and we are developing those potential places with the necessary facilities and equipment of the best local artists. The new film policy will also give a boost to the film tourism sector, thus opening more employment avenues for locals, the lieutenant governor added.

When it comes to security, 10.52,000 (10 lakh 52 thousand) tourists who arrived in July alone show that there is no concern from a security point of view, the lieutenant governor said.

While highlighting some of the government’s key efforts to add more appeal to the film industry and introduce Jammu and Kashmir’s long association with movies to the new generation, the Lieutenant Governor said the government has decided to install illuminated signs dedicated to the directors, film actors and crew members at the locations where memorable films have been shot.

The installed signs will also have some interesting information related to the film to attract tourists, he added.

Recalling the era of the 1960s and 1970s, the Lieutenant Governor noted that there was a time when Jammu and Kashmir and the Hindi film industry complemented each other.

The majestic beauty of Jammu and Kashmir has been captured through the lens and displayed on the big screen.

Renowned filmmakers and film personalities like Raj Kapoor, Shammi Kapoor, Rajendra Kumar, Dilip Kumar in the 1960s, and later big names like Yash Chopra, Rahul Rawail, Mani Ratnam, had their deep association with Jammu and Kashmir. The world will see and experience the same scenario again after decades, the lieutenant governor observed.

Aamir Khan also shared his views on film policy and said that Jammu and Kashmir has enormous growth potential in the film sector.

Relevant, the J&K Film Policy-2021 has been developed to facilitate the overall growth of the J&K Film Industry; creation of the Jammu and Kashmir Film Development Council; provide direct access to the website for Talent Pool and all shooting destinations; development of filming locations, infrastructure for the projection of films; reactivation of closed movie theaters; improvement of existing movie theaters; promotion of the installation of multiplex cinemas and cinemas; destination marketing for Jammu and Kashmir; organization of the J&K film festival; restoration and conservation of J&K Films.

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