Ten budding creators and bloggers to watch out for when rising to success

Shivangi Sethi, August 05, 2021

Krishna Talesara, Manish Kharage, Shiwangi Singh (Source: Instagram | @ krishna.talesara @manishkharage @redvibe_)

Krishna Talesara, Manish Kharage, Shiwangi Singh (Source: Instagram | @ krishna.talesara @manishkharage @redvibe_)

Without a doubt, the Internet has become an integral part of our daily life. The use of online digital platforms such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and many more are skyrocketing today. This pushes many creators to create interesting, unique and entertaining content that leaves us in awe. Out of a million such creators, some definitely outshine and grab our attention due to their unique style. Here are some new and upcoming creators that meet all of our entertainment needs in Instagram with its content. Plus, we bet they’ll inspire you to improve your game on social media too.

Are here:

1. Manish kharage

Oh boyWhat can we say about this talented young creator? Manish Kharage is a future digital star who never fails to make us laugh out loud. Its comic timing is so spot on that we just can’t get enough of its content. Tbh, Manish’s videos are 100% relatable, full of comedy and creativity. From character sketches to parodies and Coils, he’s taking social media by storm with his genius. We love watching your content binge and can’t wait to see you cross some big milestones down the road.

2. Khushboo kalani Y Keshav kumar

These medical students and content creators not only share their journey to becoming a doctor, but they also share their knowledge with us. If you’re wondering how, let us tell you that they share tips, tricks, and tricks for studying in fun and quirky ways. Plus, they create inspiring content that will help you get your daily dose of motivation. Not only this, but the duo are frequently active to answer questions and help students find a career in the medical profession. In simple words, this is a perfect combination of when the medical meets the means, he he!

3. Krishna Talesara

Krishna, a Mumbai-based fashion, luxury lifestyle and travel blogger, is sparking joy and splashing colors with her feed, but what really makes her content stand out is the personal touch she adds to all of them. One of their main motto is to make fashion a more sustainable option through redesign, reuse and reuse. Well, we can say that she is quite amazing with that. Oh, so if what you like is being local, then their feed will make you want try all their different looks As soon as possible!

Four. Shiwangi singh

This creator, who expresses herself freely on social media platforms, began her content creation journey 3 years ago. With a wonderful mix of travel, fashion and lifestyle. Today, she is killing him in the gram’ with its colorful and vibrant content. Shiwangi’s motive has always been to enjoy the content creation process and show her true self. This budding creator is young and very ambitious, and you will definitely be hooked on her beautiful feed!

5. Prachi and Harsh

Around the world in 80 days! Prachi and Harsh surely also known as Twoticketsoffreedom will make this statement come true very soon. This duo is all about traveling, but it’s also their love for each other that we see grow every day. They want to explore the unexplored as they believe in discovering all the hidden gems. Their Insta The profile is totally giving us a ride. FOMO and inspiration to be free and make our own decisions.

6. Dr. Pooja Suryavanshi

Physician by profession and passionate content creator, Dr. Pooja Suryavanshi alias Vibranthope’s the content is creating ripples in the ‘gram. Like your username, your fashion, lifestyle and beauty content also has a special and vibrant touch. Also, its vibrant Instagram The page is aesthetically pleasing and hits us squarely. Here’s a confession, we absolutely can’t get enough of Dr. Pooja’s diet, which has a hint of color and positivity. Have you already checked it?

7. Payal Y Kapil

Here’s a super talented and unstoppable couple, Littlecouple_payalkapil who created a buzz in Instagram with her viral wedding video. This adorable creative couple have left no stone unturned as they create videos of dance, comedy, and viral trends to spread positivity and improve our mood. Tbh, they may be small but their hearts are huge! We’re sure you’ve never seen someone create content like them before.

8. Ritesh hindocha

For many creators, the lockdown has inspired them to seek out and explore the content creation and digital industry. Ritesh Hindocha is one of those creators who started his journey during the blockade and has inspired many. Today, it is recognized as the first #Down’s Syndrome Influencer and video creator who entertains, spreads joy and makes everyone smile with his content. We love how Ritesh jumps on all the viral trends and gives them her own twists breaking all the stereotypes related to ‘Down Syndrome’. Ritesh is a rising star who is winning our hearts with her dedication and motto!

9. Dimple Jangda

If you don’t know Dimple let me tell you that you are missing some ayurvedic contents. As a health coach and TEDx speaker, your profile is your unique destination to learn what healthy habits should be incorporated into your daily life. As the founder of PRANA Health Center, Dimple believes in bridging the gap between traditional Ayurveda, research-based science and modern lifestyle… sounds interesting, right? A healthy life is the need of the moment, therefore Dimple’s profile is a must-see!

10. Akshath Acharya

Akshath Acharya, a musical all-rounder, has left us speechless with his musical versions and original compositions. Yes, it is true, he is a young artist who has mastered the process of producing, composing, singing and creating original music. Is it just us or are you also addicted to her angelic voice? Here is one of my Favourite music covers’Kaise hua‘! So if you are looking for soulful music inspo Then their profile is your favorite!

This list is full of amazing content creators in the making. They have the potential to accomplish great wonders, so check them all out! On a side note, we hope everyone stays home and stays safe.


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