Does the band need a new member for Jimin’s way of learning English and more? The septet goes dumb when answering the most wanted questions.

BTS aka Bangtan Sonyeodan is taking over the internet through their goofiness as they rule the roost with their music in the pop arena. Just a couple of hours ago, BTS’s winter 2020 package was released, while a new episode of Run BTS was also released, ARMY has been sharing videos of it on social media and making boys trending and ¡ What! But we’re here to talk about another video, a kind of interview of the BTS members that was recently released in which they answered the most wanted questions about themselves on the web. And they made it so ridiculous that you won’t stop loving them.

First, they started with all the “Who” questions. The questions were: who are the members of BTS, who in BTS has the deepest voice, who joined BTS in order, and lastly, who is BTS’s best friend. While answering the second question, the children engaged in a vocal activity. They named Ed Sheeran and Halsey as their best friends.

They then answered all of ‘Can’s questions including: Can BTS come to my birthday party, can BTS cook, can BTS drive, can BTS eat spicy food? Can BTS members play instruments, can BTS swim? Jin, aka Kim Seokjin, apologized saying they were busy. The boys then answered all the “how” questions. Questions include how BTS changed my life, how BTS introduce themselves, how old are BTS members, how do BTS learn English, how can BTS sing and dance at the same time. In answering the penultimate question, RM aka Kim Namjoon revealed that Jungkook aka Jeon Jungkook, J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok, and Suga aka Min Yoongi were taking English lessons. He then proceeded to point at Jimin, who after a second of thinking responded to Netflix. His answer is identifiable to many around the world.

After this, BT answered all the ‘Yes’ type questions which included:’ BTS eats McDonald’s, BTS buys their own clothes, BTS dyes their hair, BTS drinks coffee, BTS eats healthy, to name a few. The boys buy their own clothes and they are all branded clothes. In answering the last question, the boys were quick to point out no. The septet then answered all of the ‘Is’ questions including, ‘Is BTS famous, is BTS Korean, and is BTS nice.’ The boys got really dumb when answering the last question and they called themselves bad boys! Taehyung couldn’t stop his goofiness and made all the members laugh with his antics. They went back to ‘who’ and this time the questions include who is the leader of BTS and while answering the question, the guys started praising RM while the latter was a bit embarrassed. They then listed the producers of BTS. They also answered who is the most handsome in BTS and who is the best dancer in BTS. Taehyung named Jin, who thanked him in his usual joking way. They went back to the ‘Does’ questions like does BTS make their own music, does BTS need a new member, does BTS play, does BTS watch anime, does BTS work out and last but not least BTS work out. They had a funny answer to the last question. Check out the full video below:

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