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Shreyas Talpade gives an update on Golmaal 5 Shoot! (PC: Instagram; Wikipedia)

Actor Shreyas Talpade believes that movie theaters and OTT have their unique space and will not dominate each other. It also talks about the long-awaited movie Golmaal 5.

“Everything has its own space and place. The cinema has its own magic. It is a kind of celebration for people on weekends to go to see movies with the family. People like to watch movies in theaters and will continue to watch them. Theaters need to open and there has to be some kind of normality in terms of entertainment that is never going to die.

“I think OTT is something that people are getting used to simultaneously. Now it is becoming a matter of habit. If OTT magic will prevail once theaters open? Similar things were said when television came, then there were VCDs, CDs and DVDs and now the latest is OTT, ”Shreyas Talpade told IANS.

Shreyas Talpade launched her OTT platform on performing arts titled ‘Nine Rasa’ a while ago. Its application produces plays, skits, dance and music, and other performing arts for the digital space.

He added: “OTT is definitely an addiction. You will not go to the movies or watch television for 24 hours. But it is your phone that will somehow be with you for 24 hours. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic situation, we are becoming lonely. Whereas before we socialized, that doesn’t happen as regularly. That is why we want entertainment. Then we stick to our phones. We started watching binge-eating web series. We finished one season and we look forward to the next one ”.

Shreyas Talpade shares her point of view on what makes each OTT platform a success today. “Why do you think there are so many OTT platforms and that they are all doing well? It’s because when you have content, you tend to watch it excessively, finish it, and move on to the next one. That’s where OTTs will score. Because millennials are hooked on their phones, they just want to see more content, ”Shreyas told IANS.

Speaking about phone addiction in today’s age and time, he said: “We have reached such a point that every day everyone continually checks their phones. We continue to search if a message has arrived, what is new on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook. We check our phones every five minutes to see if there is anything new. People are still searching for content on their phones. Each content clicks with someone or the other “.

The actor shared that he has been offered a couple of OTT projects, however he is still considering them.

However, the “Golmaal” actor’s kitty is full of upcoming movie premieres on the big screen. “The Rohit Shetty ‘Golmaal 5’ shooting was planned for this year, but due to the pandemic, it has been pushed further. My next release would be ‘Manu Aur Munni Ki Shaadi’ and Mahesh Manjrekar’s Marathi love story ‘Mrigtrishna’, ”concluded Shreyas Talpade.

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