Rahul Vaidya’s wife, Disha Parmar, teased for not using Sindoor, responds with a bad A * s asking “Why are you so unchained?”

Disha Parmar returns it to trolls who question her for not using Sindoor (Image credit: Instagram / rahulvaidyarkv)

Singer Rahul Vaidya and actress Disha Parmar got married on July 16 and have been winning our hearts with their cute romance ever since. Recently, when the Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 contestant celebrated two million followers on Instagram through a live session, the actress was criticized for not using sindoor. While the duo joked about it, the actress has once again been trolled for the same thing.

The actress recently shared some images on social media, but some ‘fans’ of the eagle eyes were quick to notice her maang (forehead) once again. This time, however, the actress gave these trolls an appropriate response. Read on to find out what he said.

Disha Parmar recently took to social media and shared a series of images looking gorgeous in pink. While she opted for a bright pink saree with gold embroidery and traditional jewelry, newlywed Ms. Rahul Vaidya applied minimal makeup and pulled her hair into a stylish bun. She captioned her post, “Happy puppy! Sari: @labelkanupriya @_neelangi_ “.

While my dear husband Rahul Vaidya commented, “My baby is killing him,” some netizens were delighted to see these photos. Wondering why? Well, because she wasn’t using sindoor, again! Some Disha Parmar ‘fans’ took to the comment section and wrote, “sindur nahi lagaya again (again, you didn’t apply sindoor)” and “sindur lagane me kya hota hai (what happens if you apply sindoor)”. Some others also wrote, “bohut sundar lag rahi ho app par sindur mein o khilti (You look beautiful but you would look prettier if you applied sindoor)”, “Disha sindur kaha hai (Disha, where is the sindoor)” and “the lack from sindoor you have the feeling of looking like a widowed woman … “

In response to these comments, Disha Parmar has a fiery response. Going to the same section, he wrote: “Also to all the people who feel they have the right to muddy my comments with negativity because I am not using sindoor … it’s my choice! I use it when I want to use it … I agree with him, my husband agrees with him, my family agree with him! Why are you so nervous? “Well said, Disha.

(Image credit: Twitter / Disha Parmar)

While some ‘fans’ criticized her for not wearing sindoor yet again, many others complimented the actress on her beauty and even added that it is her life and that she can do whatever she pleases. One user wrote: “Don’t get affected with this kind of sick mentality, people are unemployed, can’t see someone happy, your fans support and love you so much, stay happy and keep smiling always.” Another wrote: “His life is bloody … His face and his choice of wearing a sindoor or wearing a mangalsutra … Growing up, we are living in the 21st century … when are we going to get rid of the pathetic Mindset?”

What do you think about Disha Parmar not applying sindoor? Do you think netizens should criticize and control it? Let us know in the comments below.

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