8 creators wore the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ avatars so good they reminded us of the days of watching cartoons

Shivangi Sethi, August 03, 2021

Powerpuff Girls (Source: Shutterstock)

Powerpuff Girls (Source: Shutterstock)

Remember the time we hurried home after school just in time for our favorite cartoons? Well, those were the days! Although we are now adults, cartoon characters still hold a crucial and special place in our hearts. Also, we still find ourselves going back and watching them on the internet just to relive our childhood memories, amirita? If I did this too, I would definitely know about The Powerpuff Girls that they could save the world with their superpowers. Let’s accept, most of us have dreamed of becoming Bubbles, To flourish, Y Gold button while we were young. Guess what, some creators fulfilled their dream and created amazing content inspired by The Powerpuff Girls in audio trends. So get ready to enter Townsville as these creators will blow your mind with their avatars and transition skills.

Are here:

1. Nagma Mirajkar

Okay, listen to me! Imagine Nagma as one of the Powerpuff Girls If this cartoon had a creator’s edit, wouldn’t it be epic? Personally, we think you could be the perfect match for Flowers ‘ character. Since they are both headstrong, dedicated leaders and kind souls. We can see immediately and obviously these similarities between the two, and you?

2. Shraddha gurung

We always hope that creators will put a twist on viral trends. Shraddha gurung alias lilmissgurung He is one of those creators who makes it to the top of our list. God if we had to reinvent The Powerpuff Girls In 2021, this dramatic eye makeover would improve and amp the characters of Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles, right?

3. Ashi khanna

Mixing two different trends is an art in itself and Ashi Khanna is killing here! From self-confident to cute and spunky, she can play all of these roles at the same time. We can honestly only imagine how epic it would be if she were one of the Powerpuff Girls. Also, save this one for some future cartoons. inspo!

Four. Jissa paul

You have to trust Jissa paul jump on the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ Viral trend and make it super quirky! This Reel literally made us say ‘Wow’ every time we saw it. Aside from the transition and editing, what really stood out for us in the Reel it was the effect of flight. Jissa, There is no denying that this one wore you!

5. Fabby

Fabby used the trend ‘Powerpuff Girls’ audio to create this amazing facial art and makeover Reel. The way he created the avatars of this famous cartoon trio on his face is absolutely mind blowing. This is pure talent and we cannot emphasize talented enough. Fabby it is. Also, how can we miss her cute quirky rings? The Powerpuff Girls there?

6. Shivani aka Little Glove

This was one of the cutest versions of ‘The Powerpuff Girls’ viral audio trend. It seems like Shivani’s journey of balancing motherhood with content creations has begun and we are absolutely enjoying every part. Well thanks to Shivani, why from her we could imagine how our favorite squad of sisters would look like babies. This Reel for surely an overdose of cuteness and we just couldn’t resist saying ‘awww’.

7. Pranavi Mulmuley

How can we miss Pranavi Mumuley, the creator who is a pro at creative self portraits and video concepts? She was one of the first creators to recreate the looks of Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles with such cool transitions. Also, we love how she showed off the unique personalities of each of these sisters as well in her Reel which was definitely an X factor for us!

8. Hamsha Thavaseelan

Have you ever thought about how our favorite cartoon characters from The Powerpuff Girls would you wear traditional costumes? If not, don’t worry because Hamsha Thavaseelan has you covered. She is giving The Powerpuff Girls a touch of desi with its special ingredient which is a saree to show what the three sisters would look like if they were desi all the way. TbhWe are in awe of your creativity!

Good, The Powerpuff Girls It is one of those cartoons that taught girls that they could save the world with their bold, brave and beautiful attitude. Here are some creators who put twists on this popular cartoon in their own way. We thoroughly enjoyed each and every version as it took us down the path of memory from our childhood days of excessively watching cartoons. Imagine if we could ever see any of these creators in The Powerpuff Girls movie. That would be so epic, right? On a side note, we hope everyone stays home and stays safe.


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