Will Bell Bottom vs F9 spoil the box office party? The exhibitors are like “Shocks Ki Aadat Daalni Padegi”

With Bell Bottom vs F9 Clash On The Horizon, exhibitors and business analysts say, “A movie should move” (Photo credit – IMDb)

The wait is finally ending, and the Indian audience will soon be able to see some of their most beloved and anticipated films on the big screen. While Universal Pictures recently announced that F9 would be released on August 19, the creators of Bell Bottom would be out on the same day. Starring Akshay Kumar being one of Bollywood’s most important films, Fast And Furious 9 is the latest installment in the F&F franchise.

While this box office crash is one of the largest to have occurred in a long, long time, a section of business analysts and exhibitors are concerned about the crash. While some say that you should change your date, others add that a crash is inevitable. Read on to find out what they had to say.

As reported by Bollywood Hungama, one exhibitor (on condition of anonymity) said: “Is this the only launch week available in the whole year? Are the rest of Fridays already busy? Bell Bottom can be released a week earlier or later. “Atul Mohan, a business analyst, also stated that such a scenario should not arise. He said:” They should avoid the crash. Does the audience have the ability to see two movies in the same week? Do you have the time and money to invest in two great movies that are released on the same day? “

While that is what one exhibitor and business analysis said, Vishek Chauhan, a cinema owner in Bihar, said: “The clash is not viable and both films are highly anticipated. Bell Bottom is a great Hindi movie starring a superstar. In the best interest of commerce, one of the movies should move. And I think Fast & Furious 9 should do that, since it is a Hollywood movie that has already been released. He is relatively smaller and will not stand a chance against Akshay Kumar either. Although I understand that it is available in VOD (video on demand) from July 30; maybe they can come on August 13. “

Vishek also noted that it is still unknown how many movie theaters will be open, and most states allow them to operate at 50% occupancy. He said: “So with presumably 50% of screens opening at 50% occupancy, if you’re going to release two big movies, the business will split and suffer. This will not do justice to the potential of Bell Bottom or F9. “Another thing he claimed is that the showdown doesn’t happen on a big holiday. He commented,” It’s not like it’s Christmas or Diwali on August 19. So why is this desperation to bring both movies that day? So a movie should move. “

While the above are in favor of a change, Taran Adarsh ​​has a different point of view. The film critic / business analyst said that clashes are inevitable and cannot be avoided in today’s times. He added: “For one thing, you have Fast & Furious 9, which is a huge brand. And on the other hand, you have Akshay Kumar bringing the first major Hindi movie to release when theaters reopen. It’s something to look forward to, but for me, the most important thing; it’s a wait-and-see situation how many people walk into movie theaters. “He added that he doesn’t see Bell Bottom and F9 launching on the same day as a crash, he said the situation could have been worse if one more movie had joined the shock.

While this is what trade analysts have to say, an industry insider informed the portal that the pressure appears to be on F9 for it to move. He added that it is not feasible to anticipate the release of the film, as the studio will want a promotional period of three weeks, and the source added that other Hollywood films are also released every week. This source also added that Universal decided to release F9 on August 19 even before Maharashtra and West Bengal allowed theaters to open. The source also said: “In addition, we must understand that the Maharashtra government guidelines have not been followed. Therefore, no one is celebrating yet, as there is a fear that the government will add some clause that is unfair to the business of the movies”. . “

Meanwhile, the informant sighed: “I wish Maharashtra and Delhi had opened earlier. So maybe Fast & Furious 9 would have been scheduled for an August 13 release. Or maybe, Akshay Kumar could have taken the date since Independence Day also falls in the week. Imagine, if the confrontations are happening right now, what will happen later when normality kicks in. So many Hindi and English movies are waiting for their release. Not just Hindi or English movies, but also two great Hollywood movies or two great Bollywood movies on the same day. Shocks ki aadat daalni patrogi “.

Which movie are you likely to see in theaters on August 19: Bell Bottom or F9?

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