Manoj Bajpayee was set to make his Hollywood debut almost 2 decades ago alongside Justin Theroux, but the plan failed and proved an astrologer was right.

Read on to find out what the astrologer predicted about Manoj Bajpayee’s Hollywood debut (Photo credit: Getty Image; Instagram)

Manoj Bajpayee is at the top of his game with back-to-back projects that are highly regarded. While the actor still receives love for his performance in The Family Man 2, he is ready to impress everyone once again in ZEE5’s Dial 100. In the midst of all this, the actor recently revealed that he was ready to do his Hollywood. They debuted almost two decades ago, but one astrologer predicted that such a thing would not happen.

In a recent conversation, Manoj was candid about this Hollywood movie in which he was cast as the lead and how during filming he met a renowned astrologer who told him that nothing was going to happen about it. Scroll down to read the full incident.

During a recent conversation with the Bollywood Film Club Clubhouse, Manoj Bajpayee spoke about the incident. The Family Man actor said: “I was about to get my second National Award for Pinjar and after that, I was supposed to go to Jaisalmer. After my National Award performance, the next day, I traveled to Jaisalmer. There I was going to make a proper Hollywood movie that was directed by an NRI. “

Sharing details about this Hollywood project, Manoj Bajpayee said: “I was playing the lead role, Lynn Collins was my female counterpart and Justin Theroux was playing a role, Frank Langella was playing a role in that movie and there were (a few others) actors”. in that movie. Everyone thought my life was going to be so great after that movie because I was playing the lead role with Justin Theroux, Lynn Collins, Frank Langella. “

Revealing that on one of his days off, he decided to roam and explore the strong city of Jaiselmer when he decided to meet Shrivallabh Vyas’s parents. Speaking about his meeting with the renowned astrologer, showing him his Kundli (birth chart) and the predictions he obtained, Manoj Bajpayee said: “We were having lunch, and then I learned that his father is a great astrologer and he was a great astrologer.” very old person. He could barely speak. Shrivallabh said, ‘No, no, no, show my father your record. He is a great astrologer in Rajasthan and he is the astrologer of the King of Jaisalmer. ‘

Manoj Bajpayee continued: “So I asked his father to tell me what would happen to this film. He said, ‘Nothing would happen.’ So I said, ‘Man, look again, there must be something.’ He repeated: ‘No, I can’t see anything.’ Then I came out, a part of your heart says it is true and a part of your heart says it is not true. We all finished and came back and nothing happened. “

It seems that the renowned astrologer’s prediction came true, as it has been almost two decades since this Hollywood movie was shot, and Manoj Bajpayee is yet to make its Western debut.

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