6 Amazing Instagram Food Pages Every Mumbaikar Should Follow

Deepal Mehta, Aug 02, 2021

(Source: Instagram | @thebombayjournal @thehungrymumbaikar @themumbaicult)

(Source: Instagram | @thebombayjournal @thehungrymumbaikar @themumbaicult)

A wise man once said ‘Nothing brings people together like good food’ and it’s really quite relatable. All food lovers in the house, this one is for all of you. Wait, who’s not a foodie? ha ha? Every day as you move around the Coils section 99% of the time I come across food Coils and hacks that make me laugh. Also, the fact that I am a huge food enthusiast makes me want try those recipes right away. Honestly, all of this wouldn’t have been possible without food bloggers keeping us up to date with new recipes and new restaurants in town, right? Let me tell you that food photography has become extremely important in the age of phone cameras and social media. Therefore it is a little it is also part of content creation. So take a look at these blogger pages that each #Mumbaikar You must continue to keep your food on point.

Scroll down for some delicious content!

1. Mumbai Foodie

Mumbai Foodie is one of the most important food blog pages in Instagram. They have more than 500,000 followers with remarkable gastronomic content. The best part about their page is that they have compiled various restaurants and recipes into a carousel giving us detailed information. Personally, I have saved many of his posts for future needs and cravings which I suppose you should too.

2. The Bombay Diary

The Bombay Diary is a Mumbai-based blogger page. Himani Mehta, Nirali Gala, Jaisal Shah Y Vidhi Jain There are 4 young girls who have been running this page for more than 4 years. TbhI love how they come up with unconventional recipes that increase our temptations and give us a great eating orgasm. They keep us updated with all the trendy recipes and easy ways to cook them like this. ‘Paan‘. Guess what, the fashionist, Masoom Minawala she herself follows this page. Well, if this doesn’t convince you to visit their page either, surely you are missing something.

3. The cult of Mumbai

Nayaab Coatwala, the owner of The cult of Mumbai has a drool-worthy feed with over 47k followers on the ‘gram. I love the fact that you mention the ingredients and recipes in your captions. From creation to styling to catching food. Coils give me an instant food rush that makes me hungry. You should check out this page to see something elegant and delicious prescriptions.

Four. The crazy Indian foodie

My God, I love the name of this page, as it sounds so accurate to me, ‘Crazy Indian food enthusiast’, Hahaha. Devashree sanghvi, the owner of this page has more than 170,000 followers and has also won an award, right? She is an explorer when it comes to food. why If you watch her feed, it’s full of food recipes from all over the country. If you don’t check this page, you will definitely miss out on some spices and sweets from around the world.

5. Mumbai Food Crush

My God, this picture accurately shows my monsoon mood, I’m sure it can relate to you too! Also, did you know that Mumbai Food Crush Have you recently completed 6 years of your page? Their desserts and sweet desserts are so tempting that legitimate had a bowl full of ice cream ‘why I just couldn’t resist. One of those posts that caught my eye was the homemade caramel custard, like WOW! I think I’ve convinced you enough to check their page for some sweet cravings.

6. The hungry Mumbaikar

Who has not tried a Momo it should defo have a FOMO, ha ha ha! With over 104,000 Insta followers, Rohit Haryani the owner of The hungry Mumbaikar has managed to create original content for its audience. His feed is full of typical Indian food that we have always liked and we have liked to eat. So if you are a true Mumbaikar you defo Don’t miss this page!

Did these food pages satisfy your inner conscience to enter the kitchen and try something new? why after scrolling through all these pages, i really want try some new food recipes for me fam. Which one did you really like? Let us know in the comments below. Also, I hope you stay home, stay safe, and get vaccinated.


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