Seven Questions on Building Resilience in a Crisis: Answer

Pooja Maheshwary, July 31, 2021

Keep going (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

Keep going (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no question that we continue to feel an increasing amount of anxiety and a decreasing level of motivation. So, we get closer to Khyati shah, Transformation Coach and Founder of Catalyst. and invited her to host a Ask Me Anything session about building resilience and finding your purpose in Girls Tribe by MissMalini app. She answered all the questions Tribe You had to deal with anxiety during uncertain times, find the right job for you, deal with feelings of stagnation at work, build resilience in the face of a crisis, unlock motivation, move towards your goals, find your life purpose, and more. Scroll down to read everything she shared!

Here are some questions about resilience development that Khyati answered:

Q. I used to consider resilience as one of my greatest strengths and now I’m slowly realizing that in many ways, for women, resilience is simply glorifying the act of doing shit in silence. The same is true of the religion that considers suffering in silence virtuous. So where is the line between building resilience and knowing when it’s best to get out of a tough situation?

Resilience means that when life hits you with tough situations, you come back stronger. Face the situation and it comes out positive. On the other hand, when you find yourself in a difficult situation because it is imposed on you (you may be opposed to it), it is called submission. So next time, when faced with a challenge, use self-pity as the yardstick. Accept the challenge if it motivates you to become a better version of yourself, not if it is being imposed on you.

Back view of strong and motivated woman celebrating workout goals towards sun by Dirima |

Back view of strong and motivated woman celebrating workout goals towards sun by Dirima |

Q. Lately, I have had a lot of anxiety regarding the well-being of my family. I find myself mentally incapable of dealing with the uncertainty of the present and the future. How can I be more resilient so I can better deal with this?

Anxiety is said to be in some way a response to a false alarm. Human beings have this unique ability to think ahead. As long as we do, planning and preparing is good. But when this gets out of control and we create imaginary situations, it creates anxiety and sometimes even panic attacks. Doing the following will help you better cope with this: exercising, meditating, focusing on nutrition and sleep, participating in a hobby, and keeping a journal.

Frustrated woman with nervous problem feels anxiety and confusion of thoughts vector flat illustration.  Mental disorder and chaos in consciousness.  Girl anxiously touches head surrounded by thinking by Good Studio |

Frustrated woman with nervous problems feels anxiety and confusion of thoughts vector flat illustration. Mental disorder and chaos in consciousness. Girl anxiously touches head surrounded by thought by Good Studio |

Q. Now that we’ve been resilient all year through this lockdown, how do we deal with the idea that it might take even a couple more years to get back to normal and remain resilient? How do we get rid of this feeling of impending doom?

He is not the only one who feels that the current situation seems to have no end. But have faith that, like any challenging situation, this one too will pass. Resilience is like a muscle – the more you work on it, the stronger it becomes. In the meantime, equip yourself and your family to accept the ‘new normal’. This is your chance to create a routine that works for you.

  1. Define what work-life balance means to you. Each person sees it differently.
  2. Make exercise a part of your routine, this is beneficial for the mind and body.
  3. Encourage your children to be self-reliant and disciplined. Depending on his age, give him some responsibilities around the house.
  4. Make a Family Thank You Jar – Each night each family member can write something they are thankful for and put a note on the jar. It is a powerful way to stay positive.
Close-up of thank you word in pencil in notebook on a wooden desk by Andrey Popov |

Close-up of thank you word in pencil in notebook on a wooden desk by Andrey Popov |

Q. Resilience is the ability to face adversity and you put on a brave face to focus on your purpose. But I feel like the emotional conflict is still buried somewhere that affects one’s mental and emotional health. So how do you deal with the actual inner conflict?

Coping with adversity does not change the fact that we are emotional beings. If we do not recognize and accept these emotions, we invite mental health problems. Keeping a journal has proven to be very beneficial in accepting and better coping with the emotional roller coaster. Enjoy activities that give you a sense of pleasure, accomplishment, and connection to keep you stable.

Keep a journal.  By Julia Fellers |

Keep a journal. By Julia Fellers |

Q. How can a person who is struggling to find a job in these difficult times keep up with morale? How can you handle this if it is affecting your mental health?

Many people have lost their jobs during Covid and it is indeed a very challenging situation. It is important to stay positive and never let negative thoughts get you down. Focus on:

  1. Taking care of your health with proper nutrition and exercise.
  2. Explore various avenues to find a job.
  3. See if you can pick up a new skill while looking for the next job.
  4. Also, explore if you can use this as an opportunity to do something on your own.
  5. Start interacting on professional platforms with potential employers.
  6. Try meditation.
Microgen Heart Chakra Self Healing Meditation |

Microgen Heart Chakra Self Healing Meditation |

Q. What is the best course of action to take when a financial crisis hits the family?

A financial crisis has no easy answers. It must be a very difficult phase, but it is a phase and it will pass for sure. As you search for alternative means of income, try to think outside the box. Not only where do you find a job similar to what you were doing, but what else you can do. Ikigai It is a concept that helps you turn your skill and passion into your vocation. What have you always liked to do? What do people seek your help for? How can you win with that? Simultaneously, conserve your resources. You will come out stronger!

hobby kits |

hobby kits |

Q. How can you keep your sanity when everything around you collapses? The feeling of hopelessness has started to take over the wheel and there is nothing to hope for.

This is the time to realize the power of CHOICE! Quoted by Victor Frankl“Everything can be taken from man, except his power of choice.” Use this as an opportunity to reinvent yourself. Take a new course or hobby that will keep you in a positive mind space. Remember, you can choose to be dragged down or choose to rise above the situation. The old finally gives way to the new; Let’s make sure the “new” is beautiful.

Positivity of Skoles |  www.shutterstock, com

Positivity of Skoles | www.shutterstock, com

What would you like to know about building resilience? Share it with us in the comments below!

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