Ankur Rathee and Shriyam Bhagnani team up in season 2 of Nagesh Kukunoor’s ‘City of Dreams’

Shubanka Sridhar, July 31, 2021

Ankur Rathee and Shriyam Bhagnani in City Of Dreams 2

Ankur Rathee and Shriyam Bhagnani in City Of Dreams 2

Nagesh Kukunoor‘s political drama series,’City of dreams‘season 2 released yesterday, July 30, and starring actors Ankur rathee Y Sriyam Bhagnani facing each other. The series, which was launched on Disney + Hotstar, captures glimpses of a power struggle between a father and daughter.

Ankur, whom we have previously seen in Taish, Undekhi, four more shots! Y Thappad, will be seen alongside Shriyam, who is known for her roles in Baaghi 2 Y Batti Gul Meter Chalu. It is the first time they will join and I am looking forward to seeing them on screen.

Speaking about Shriyam and the director, Nagesh Kukunoor, Ankur said:

Honesty and humility are so crucial to any actor, and Shriyam was beaming with both of them in our scenes together. There is a gentle seriousness in his eyes, one that occasionally even lessened my need for a vivid imagination to get into character. A simple glance at his innocent gaze would transport me to the scene and evoke the required vulnerability. It’s a rarity and a blessing to find that in a co-actor. As for Nagesh Sir, I have yet to discover a more symbiotic relationship with a director. There were many cases where I finished a take and suddenly an idea occurred to me. As soon as I realized that Mr. Nagesh was approaching who had already caught my creative impulse. A mind reader! I would begin to explain an idea and he would finish it. Sometimes he only spoke a few words and I immediately knew his train of thought. Few words. I didn’t want to intellectualize the emotional space with too much conversation. He would give me the right direction so that I could execute the idea and make it my own. I felt like clay.

Speaking about working with Ankur, Shriyam said:

Ankur is crazy! I don’t think there is a dull moment when you are around this man. She really brings the set to life – she’ll sing, dance, chat with people, or sometimes even secretly work on her truck for her other projects. He’s very supportive and will stay behind for reaction scenes even when he’s not supposed to and that’s what makes him such an amazing co-actor and even after doing so many projects, he arrives on set as fresh as always with so many things. curiosity!

Ankur Rathee and Shriyam Bhagnani in City Of Dreams 2

Ankur Rathee and Shriyam Bhagnani in City Of Dreams 2

Speaking of its director, he added:

Working with Nagesh sir has to be one of the best professional experiences I have had so far. There is a lot to learn and absorb in his sets, from an incredible team to the set design, the script, everything says passion for cinema. He knows exactly what he wants from a scene, which makes the actor’s job much easier. People call directors the captain of the ship, and he really was, in every way, the best captain with whom this journey could begin.

The Hotstar Special presents actors Atul kulkarni Y Priya bapat, returning as a father-daughter duo Ameya Rao Gaikwad Y Poornima Gaikwad. The show also features actors. Eijaz Khan, Sachin Pilgaonkar Y Sushant Singh.

With the show now, I’m sure to watch it this weekend! What about you guys?

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