Politics takes over OTT with ‘politically correct content’

Tandav to the Chief Minister – Political Experiments on OTT (Image credit: IMDb)

Politics and Bollywood are a phenomenon in India. Its growing influence on people’s minds is manifold. The representation of politically inspired dramas in web series has been the recent flavor in OTT platforms. As the digital space takes hold of content like Tandav, Maharani and others, creators are now not ashamed to broach the subject, as going political on screen is being welcomed with open arms.

India is a land of politics and Indians listen to political news at all times as, as an added bonus, content creators in recent months have posted successful and commented stories such as Tandav, City Of Dreams and Madam Chief Minister, Maharani, to name a few.

Actress Richa Chadha, who played the lead role in the film Madam Chief Minister, agrees that the genre is intriguing, saying it is because everyone is affected by politics.

Richa Chadha told IANS: “The reason people generally find political dramas intriguing somewhere or another is because we are all affected by politics, we are affected by which party has won the state elections, who improves conditions. of life among the people. “

The actress shared that it was when her film was released that people realized that the film was not based on former Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayawati.

Richa Chadha said: “The news comes to us in various forms and the news is not limited like murder or celebrity gossip. It’s news, national news that really affects everything, and that’s what makes political dramas so popular. When Madam Chief Minister was released only once, when people saw the film, they realized that it was not actually based on Mayawati. “

“There was a lot of speculation because they can identify and recognize famous political figures from the last 10 to 20 years, so I guess that’s why political dramas are so popular,” added the 34-year-old actress, who considers the former minister of Indian Law and Justice, BR Ambedkar, as its icon.

Social scientist Ankit Sharma explained the rise of fictional political dramas. He said: “We notice a social engagement in the fantasy art form of combat, power and justice when a society is actually prevented from expressing these instincts fully. Something similar happened with eroticism in Hindi cinema during the 2000s, which has become the norm now. “

Popular actor Sachin Pilgaonkar, who plays Prime Minister Jagdish Gourav in “City of Dreams,” cited “fighting” as the reason behind the genre’s popularity.

Sachin told IANS: “It is the saga of fighting that makes a political drama so popular. Anything that has a fight will have drama and therefore it will be intriguing and therefore people will see it. Otherwise, after watching 2 episodes, only people give their verdict that they will continue to watch it or not. “

The 63-year-old actor stressed that it is important to make content that leaves an impact.

“Politics is one of those issues that has a great impact. On the other hand, there is so much crime-based content on the web that it was necessary to do something different. Maybe that’s why people are excited to see political dramas, “he said.

Actor Pankaj Tripathi, who is the uncrowned king of the OTT space, in an interview with IANS in 2019 had spoken about how he wanted to pursue politics, he still has time before pursuing her.

The 44-year-old actor explains why politics is an interesting genre to watch.

“I think political dramas show politics and that it plays an important role in modern times and democracy. Our life in one way or another in a democratic country is linked to politics. This may be the reason, ”Pankaj told IANS.

Actor Eijaz Khan, who will be seen sharing screen space with Sachin in the second season of “City Of Dreams,” feels that they are all “political” and that strikes a chord.

Eijaz told IANS: “As much as we can say that we speak from a space from a privilege we can be apolitical… I think we are all politicians. We have an opinion. We see political dramas unfolding in front of us day after day, which makes this even more interesting. “

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