“I wanted to celebrate his supremacy in my music video”

Singapore rapper Yung Raja’s ‘Spice Boy’ ode to Rajinikanth (Image credit: Facebook / Yung Raja)

Singaporean rapper Yung Raja revealed his new single Spice Boy, paying an ode to superstar Rajinikanth.

Speaking of which, the 26-year-old bilingual rapper said: “Rajinikanth has been my idol during all my years of growing up. He is a legend around the world.

Continuing the fact that Rajinikanth is his ode, the singer said: “I wanted to give him a kind of ode and celebrate his supremacy in my music video and while creating, I will remember the moments when he has given me inspiration, mainly his style. , and as inimitable as it may be, I belong to the generation of fans who have their arrogance permanently etched in our minds. “

The three-minute cinematic video is fused with wild action, curly wigs, puffy sumo suits, and disorienting close-ups. All of this is captured by Vadbibes director Jas Tan with a carefree sense of the surreal and produced by Flightsch and RIIDEM.

The comic antics unfold in formidable locations that seem straight out of Christopher Nolan’s movies, but Yung Raja takes center stage by invoking the cheeky spirit of Rajinikanth’s characters.

Yung began his career in 2018 with his single “Poori Gang” and became Southeast Asia’s rising hip-hop artist with “Mustafa”, “Mad Blessings”, “The Dance Song”. His recent track “Mommy” was recently featured on the American late-night talk show “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” His latest single “Spice Boy” tries to break free from the homogeneous expectations of popular culture.

Continuing his quest to make room for multi-dimensional cultural identities, Yung Raja said: “Since I was a child, I have always been proud of my culture, my roots, my mother tongue, everything that makes ‘me’ to me. Learning to accept that from a very young age is one of the reasons behind bilingualism in my art.

“This is who I am, a bilingual child born and raised in Singapore to traditional parents who migrated from South India. I remember discovering hip-hop music for the first time when I was 10 years old and how it made one of my first and strongest creative impressions. That was the true beginning of my deep-rooted identity and voice merging with hip-hop culture. I think my personality is about maintaining the authenticity of the duality of my cultural structure. “

The first-generation Singaporean-Indian recently signed with the US label Alamo Records, marking his entry into the US market. The young rapper also signed with Def Jam Southeast Asia, which is under Universal Music Group. “Spice Boy” was released on Thursday night on all streaming audio platforms, and the official music video will premiere on Yung Raja’s Vevo channel.

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