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Awaken Your Inner Geek With These 5 Exciting DC Comic Superhero Shows

For comic book fans, there is nothing more fascinating than watching your favorite characters come to life. The DC Comics Universe has blessed us with some of the best stories, multi-faceted characters, and carefully crafted action sequences that will forever remain etched in our memory! Whether you’re into mysterious antiheroes or power-packed acting skills, there’s a perfect DC Comics TV show for all superhero lovers. Long before streaming platforms gained popularity, Colors Infinity has been bringing these blockbuster shows to our doorstep moments after their international premiere.

On the joyous occasion of your 6th birthday, watch these 5 amazing DC Universe TV Shows only on Colors Infinity.


Based on DC Comics Superhuman – Barry Allen, The Flash has it all: a compelling narrative, an all-star cast of impressive actors, and thrilling action sequences. The series follows the life of a forensic investigator who gains superhuman speed when struck by lightning in a chemical explosion. He uses his abilities to fight crime and hunt down others with the intention of using his abilities to oppose evil. The series has been applauded for its masterful character development and exploration of the space-time continuum.


One of the most beloved superhero shows of all time, Arrow took the world by storm with its top-notch performances and the ominously bleak setting of Starling City. Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen returns home having mastered the art of archery when he was shipwrecked on the mysterious Chinese island. He uses his skills to play a costumed crime fighter fighting evil, with his dark side leading him into life-threatening situations as he battles the scum in town.


Batwoman, a riveting tale of a female vigilante, tries to take on the role of protecting Gotham City after Batman’s mysterious disappearance. The series debuted the first lesbian superhero to headline her own series. After much anticipation, fans were delighted to hear that international heartthrob Ruby Rose would play the dynamic character. Since then, the character has been replaced by Wallis Day. The series airs exclusively on Colors Infinity!


This superhero comedy-drama series is set in the Arrowverse, with characters from Arrow and The Flash plus exciting new faces. When a time traveler discovers vengeful villain Vandal Savage’s master plan to destroy Earth with a devastating apocalypse, he rallies the world’s most powerful superheroes to stop the world from coming to an end at the hands of evil.


Winner among critics, the series explores the life of a high school principal, formerly a superhero named Black Lighting. After witnessing the confusion his actions caused his wife and children, he decided to walk away from the dangerous profession. When The 100, an immensely feared criminal gang begins causing trouble in his hometown of Freeland, he is forced to return to the dangerous task of saving his city.

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