“I am happier and happier with myself”

Rashami Desai on Life Post Bigg Boss 13: “I’m happier and happier with myself” – Deets Inside (Photo credit: Instagram)

Television actress Rashami Desai, who gained immense popularity after participating in the reality show “Bigg Boss 13” in 2019, says that she has changed as a person after the show.

“Life hasn’t changed after ‘Bigg Boss.’ I have changed as a person, but forever. I am happier and happier with myself. I have understood about self-love. I realized that I am a person who loves the people around her. I really enjoyed being on the show, ”Rashami told IANS.

Rashami Desai made her digital debut with the latest web series “Tandoor”.

Revealing details of her character in the series, Rashami said, “My character’s name is Palak, who is an independent, brave and strong-minded woman. Since college they only knew each other and apparently the boy was in love with her and then she fell in love with him. “

“There are situations in history and it is difficult to decide who is right and who is not. In the end, some will feel that it is the wife, some will feel that it is the husband, while some will feel that the main culprit is someone else! Rashami reported, leaving the viewers in suspense.

Opening up about what inspired the series, the actress shared: “The story is from the time when I was a child. At the time he didn’t even know what tandoor was. It is about Tandoor kaand but there have been changes in the story. It’s very well directed by Nivedita (Basu) and the co-actors were really good. “

What was the experience like working with your co-star Tanuj Virwani?

“He’s amazing! More than acting, his detailed work is so good. Every character that he’s doing, works on details for them. Every scene has come out beautifully, when there is love, that is hate, there is anger, everything seems very He has also learned a bit of directing, so his point of view is always interesting! Technically I have also learned a lot from him, “replied the actress.

Taking part in a dark and intense story as “Tandoor” left a mental shock to him, Rashami admits.

“When we were filming the shooting scene, I didn’t speak to anyone after that for two days because I kept thinking about her. The mindset becomes very different when you are playing someone else and you are not like that. It was very disturbing that you love someone so much and then someone shoots you! ” she said.

With Rashami venturing into the digital space after gaining popularity on television, any plans to try his hand at Bollywood?

“I’m going to. I also had a chance before, but I had my commitments. When I’m committed to something, I’m very dedicated. I don’t say no, no one will say no. It depends on the subject and the director,” he said.

Directed by Nivedita Basu, “Tandoor” airs on the Ullu app.

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