BTS’s V reveals that he wrote Snow Flower while drunk and completed it in 3 hours!

BTS’s V, aka Kim Taehyung, sat down for a little tête-à-tête with Weverse magazine and the Sweet Night singer has poured out his heart in the interview. BTA ARMY is pouring love on Taehyung with the trend of ‘We Purple you Taehyung’ on Twitter. Now, there are several things that BTS V has said in the interview. Like, for example, he kept talking about ARMY without breathing. Now, you would know that V also writes songs. He has written the lyrics for several songs, including Stigma, Winter Bear, Sweet Night, Snow Flower, and more. So the interviewer asked Taetae about her song Snow Flower. It started with a conversation about how to write notes when you find inspiration. Taehyung revealed that he jots down emotions, melodies, and lyrics as they appear in his mind. Then run to the studio to work on it. Also read – BTS: V AKA Kim Taehyung wants to be ARMY’s partner and best friend and the latter responds by saying, ‘WE PURPLE YOU TAEHYUNG’

So when asked if this is how Snow Flower, V aka Kim Taehyung wrote, he recounted how he came to write Snow Flower. “For that song, when I was drinking with some older musicians, we were talking about doing a song together, and then we thought, well, do you think we’ll have time to do that? So we decided to get it right later, since everyone was available. My mixtape was delayed, so at least I wanted to play a different song for ARMY, and I thought, since I’m a little drunk (laughs), I thought I should try writing something. So I made the song really fast. In about three hours. ” V told Weverse magazine. Also Read: BTS’s Jin Reveals His Idea Of Spending His Free Time And ARMYs Everywhere Will Find It Identifiable AF

When hinted at that Snow Flower’s composition is just as complex as their other song, Blue & Gray and on a lighter note, V added, “There are times when I’m, like, in the zone (laughs) and I can do a song all at once, but when I don’t feel it, I end up revisiting it more and more. And I don’t want the composition to be too obvious, so I try to change the way the melody flows. ” Also read: from spiders, cockroaches to horror movies and more – this is what BTS members Suga, V, Jungkook and others fear the most

The singer-actor also spoke on the subject and what inspired him to write the song. He said, “You might think that ‘Snow Flower’ is a kind of snowflake, but actually I was thinking about snow and flowers separately. I started to hope that the flowers would not wither and continue to bloom in the days. But in reality, when it snowed, all the flowers were flattened, the world was covered in snow, and it felt like the buds turned into snow blossoms. I wrote that song about how I felt after seeing that happen. ”

When asked if intuition is something that he feels is important in making a song, V said, “If it sounds nice to me: okay.”

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