5 Things Healing Crystals Do For You, As Told By An Expert

Suruchi Patwary, July 28, 2021

Precious and semi-precious stones by Anna Soelberg |  www.shutterstock.com

Precious and semi-precious stones by Anna Soelberg | www.shutterstock.com

Since ancient times, alternative therapies have been sought after not only for their many physical and psychological healing benefits, but also for the remarkable luck and good fortune they unleash. Today, these sparkling treasures made from rare, exotic and vibrant minerals called gemstones are used for multiple purposes. Healing crystals and gemstones top the charts in terms of new age wellness therapies as they are believed to evoke calm, peace, and boost user morale. These gemstones or healing stones can also help to deal with depression, anxiety, reduce stress, and increase positive energy.

In fact, even legendary Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities attest to them and can be witnessed wearing these beautiful and eccentric gemstones as jewelry for aesthetic and even fashion purposes. From the Bollywood legend Amitabh bachchan to AR Rahman, the first Asian to win two Oscars In the same year, gemstones have become a go-to friend and guiding angel for many highly successful celebrities. Clearly, it is not an exaggeration that these rare and unique stones have helped the trajectory of fortune and growth of these celebrities.

In addition to the fortune-giving properties of gemstones, they are also famous for granting physical and psychological healing to sick wearers. In fact, for centuries gemstones have been used as healing crystals. Now, with the pandemic and never-before-heard diseases taking over the world, healing crystals are gradually becoming an integral part of popular culture.

Nitin Yadav, CEO of GemPundit

Nitin Yadav, CEO of GemPundit

To understand more about the benefits of crystal and gemstone healing, we spoke with Nitin yadav, CEO at GemPundit and listed the top 5 things healing crystals and gemstones can do for the user.

1. Attract positive energy

Healing crystals are primarily believed to contain purifying energies that can cleanse negativity in and around the wearer. Therefore, the paralyzing effects of negative energy can be reduced by using suitable gemstones that not only help keep pessimism and despair at bay, but also attract positivity and optimism.

In fact, some stones are powerful enough to destroy all negativity and influence the user and those around them with ease and safety. Some stones that possess the aforementioned attributes are Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Jade, and Citrine.

Crystal Quartz by Polly Panna |  www.shutterstock.com

Crystal Quartz by Polly Panna | www.shutterstock.com

2. Keep the user calm and composed

Since ancient times, gemstones or healing crystals have been known to possess numerous beneficial properties. Among the myriad of benefits, gemstones are known primarily for their calming and serenity effects. Gemstones have the ability to fill the wearer with warmth, leading to a serene and serene personality.

Being governed by suitable gemstones can motivate the wearer and guide them through the most demanding paths with a brilliant presence of mind. Blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, moonstone, and green aventurine are some examples of gemstones that specialize in this category.

3. Promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing

Each healing stone or crystal possesses distinctive attributes and has unique healing abilities. Taking advantage of these powerful features, the user can trigger the inner healing procedure, facilitating physical, emotional and spiritual healing. They do this by positively mixing with the body’s energy field, also known as the chakras. Some of the most commonly used gemstones that can trigger natural physical healing and reduce stress or anxiety are amethyst, opal, rose, and rhodonite.

Berlinstyle crystals |  www.shutterstock.com

Berlinstyle crystals | www.shutterstock.com

4. Improve the power of concentration and creative mindset

Wearing healing crystals or keeping them close to the body can activate certain positive traits in the wearer. In addition to activating physical healing, it can also stimulate concentration and creativity. The examples of numerous celebrities who began wearing specific gemstones at the lowest points in their careers are enough to demonstrate the power of crystals to foster creativity and artistic abilities.

Gemstones such as blue quartz, blue tiger eye, clear quartz, green quartz and hematite and prevail to clear the mind of the user with unnecessary thoughts and initiate concentration.

5. Power to transform one’s life

Aesthetically pleasing healing stones or crystals have various abilities to transform one’s life. In fact, some of these gemstones are so powerful that they can also influence the lives of those around the wearer. Whether you are struggling with negative emotions, going through difficult financial situations, having a difficult time maintaining relationships or some chronic illness, these healing stones can help you with almost any problem related to physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. Some examples of healing crystals that can change your life are sodalite, citrine, blue aventurine, red jasper, and black onyx.

Colored Spiritual Crystals By wacomka |  www.shutterstock.com

Colored Spiritual Crystals By wacomka | www.shutterstock.com

Lastly, Nitin Yadav says:

Without a doubt, gemstones are one of the most precious things to possess today. Stones that can not only function as a fashion accessory, but can also envelop the wearer in enormous amounts of positive energy and relaxing vibrations. However, for the best possible results, the authenticity of the gemstones must be guaranteed. With the technology of the modern era, it has become much easier to make a close fake, which will obviously not have a pleasant effect. Therefore, when purchasing a healing crystal or stone, be sure to check the authenticity of the gemstone as well. Always request an authentication certificate from a trusted source or the help of an expert.

Also, always consult an expert in Vedic science or an astrologer to find out which gemstone will be the most suitable for you. Wearing a gemstone without proper consultation can do more harm than good. At last, remember, the true beauty of gemstones resides in the eyes of the beholder. Trust gemstones and put faith in them and the rest will be in your favor!

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