First charge sheet submitted including financial targets of Rs 146 crore for 2023-24 as gross income

Read on for the financial goals mentioned on the first charge sheet (Photo Credit – Facebook)

Even after being arrested more than a week ago, every day some alarming news and news are making headlines regarding Raj Kundra or the alleged period scandal he leads. As the investigation continues to deepen, the murkier details come to light. According to the latest media report, the first charge sheet in the case has been filed, and in it, the Mumbai police have detailed the financial targets that were set by Raj and his company Bollyfame Media Limited.

For those unaware, Bollyfame was the entrepreneur and his associates’ ‘Plan B’ and was launched after its adult movie content app, Hotshots, was banned from Google Playstore and Apple last year. According to the media report, the charge sheet projected gross income of 146 crore rupees and net profit of more 30 crore rupees for Bollyfame Media Limited for 2023-24, with earnings doubling year over year. Read on to learn more.

As reported by Mid-Day, Mumbai police filed the first charge sheet in the alleged photo fraud which is said to be headed by businessman Raj Kundra. For 2021-22, the presentation projected a gross income of Rs 36.50,00,000 (Rs 36.5 million) and net profit of 4.76.85,000 rupees (4.76 crore rupees). By 2022-23, the company led by Raj Kundra was set to gross revenue of around Rs 73,00,00,000 (73 million rupees) and the same net profit for 2022-23. The report indicated that gross receipts for 2023-24 were Rs 1.46,00,00,000 (146 crore rupees) with a net profit of Rs 30,42,01,400 (Rs 30.4 million). The charge sheet did not specify whether the screening was for Hotshots Bollyfame’s backup app or some other company.

The publication quoted an officer from the Crime Section as saying: “The documents were seized from Kamat. Kundra was not arrested when we filed the first charge sheet. As the investigation progresses, we will gain more clarity on Bollyfame and the same will be covered in a supplemental charge sheet. “

According to the Crime Division, Raj Kundra administered Bollyfame from India. After closing Hotshots, most of the content in the app was transferred to Bollyfame. The officer also noted that after a forensic analysis of the seized server from Kundra’s office was conducted on July 20, there was more clarity on what was uploaded.

The officer added: “WhatsApp chats between Kamat, Kundra and his brother-in-law Pradeep Bakshi clearly indicate that he had Plan B in the form of Bollyfame in case HotShot faced legal problems. He also planned to have celebrities broadcast live on Bollyfame saying it would generate more revenue and subscriptions than Hotshot which has uploaded content. “

Raj Kundra was arrested on Monday, July 19, and placed in judicial custody until Friday, July 23. His detention was then extended for four more days and ends today. The actor’s case will be heard again today in court.

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