When Salma Hayek thought her husband François-Henri Pinault was cheating on her, but she didn’t expect what it turned out to be!

Flashback to Salma Hayek remembering the time she thought François-Henri Pinault was cheating on her (Image credit: Getty)

Salma Hayek is a 54-year-old goddess who still looks sexier and more elegant than many young people today. Given that fact, no one in their right mind would cheat on a woman like her, but did you know? The actress once revealed that she suspected that her husband, François-Henri Pinault, was doing just that. Shocked?

It was during a 2017 interaction that the Eternals actress made this reveal. The actress claimed that after seeing a message sent by a woman and given her Mexican heritage, she lost her cool with her beloved husband and asked him about it. The funny thing though is that the ‘third person’ in their relationship was someone he never expected.

During an April 2017 appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Salma Hayek was asked what François-Henri Pinault was like and what language they spoke at home: she is Mexican and he is French. Responding to Jimmy, the Frida actress said that English is her Switzerland. She said: “We speak in English with a very bad accent, I don’t know how my daughter doesn’t have a bad accent because at home it’s a mess”, before adding that her daughter Valentino makes fun of them, especially François.


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