Delhi residents will wait until August 15 to see new Bollywood movies in theaters despite relaxation of ‘50% occupancy ‘

Despite the cinemas in Delhi opening at 50% occupancy as of today, the wait for new Bollywood movies will be until August 15 (Photo credit: Imdb)

Delhi cinemas will be allowed to open at 50% capacity from Monday, July 26, but don’t expect a Hindi movie to open until August 15. Until Bollywood movies on cans, including the long-awaited entry from Ranveer Singh 83 See the light of day, moviegoers will have to content themselves watching the martial arts fantasy movie “Mortal Kombat.”

And more are coming from Hollywood. “Films in the queue for August releases are Vin Diesel’s blockbuster ‘F9’ (‘Fast and Furious 9’), ‘The Conjuring 2: The Devil Made Me Do It,'” said Sanjay Ghai, director of operations of the Mukta distribution company. Letters.

Trade observers note that theaters will effectively open as of July 30. As a spokesperson for the multicultural major Inox put it: “This order arrived yesterday. It will take us some time to prepare for the screenings, but we are also eager to open our cinemas as soon as possible. “

He added that 100 percent of Inox staff have been vaccinated and that Covid-19 protocols are being followed without lowering their guard.

With cinemas in Maharashtra still closed, the business is watching the public’s response to the reopening of Delhi’s cinemas with silent anticipation. Business analyst Karan Taurani noted that the state contributes more than a quarter of the revenue earned from Bollywood productions.

The Inox spokesperson, however, seemed more hopeful. “If the government believes that it is safe to open cinemas, I am sure that people will not be afraid to come to see movies. We expect a good turnout ”.

Mukta Arts’ Sanjay Ghai said the Hindi-language films will be scheduled for release from August 15, but the market cannot recover until cinemas are allowed to open in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. For the moment, therefore, he looks forward to a resurgence of the theatrical experience.

Taurani, however, is not yet celebrating Delhi’s decision. “The opening of Maharashtra is important,” he said. “I don’t see that happening anytime soon, so I don’t expect any dramatic change in the current market situation. Only Delhi cannot do wonders, ”Taurani added. He also emphasized the importance of a decrease in the public’s Covid fears. “Once that happens, movie theater attendance is sure to increase,” Taurani said.

Analyst Vinod Mirani was skeptical of any major impact from the Delhi reopening. “Even if movie theaters are allowed to open, where is the content?” I ask. “Delhi is second only to what is known in business circles as the ‘Bombay Circuit,’ which is by far the largest in terms of box office gross,” he said.

What does it mean for the three great Bollywood movies – 83, Bell Bottom with Akshay Kumar and Huma Qureishi and Rohit Shetty’s Sooryavanshi – waiting to be released? When will they be able to see the big screen? As Mirani said, producers will not “take a chance” until Maharashtra opens up.

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