Shanmukhapriya stumbled again massively for ‘spoiling’ Helen’s song; Internet users demand its elimination!

Indian Idol 12: Shanmukhapriya was massively teased again for ‘spoiling’ Helen’s song (Image credit: Instagram / shanmukhapriya_1925)

Indian Idol 12 has been getting backlash for a while. It all started with the special episode of Kishore Kumar. His son Amit Kumar criticized the creators for their poor performances. Since then, sob stories, unfair deletions are among the other reasons the show is coming under fire. The latest to be trolled is contestant Shanmukhapriya.

This is not the first time Shanmukhapriya has faced the wrath of netizens. Also previously, the aspiring singer has been the target of trolls and has expressed how difficult it has been for her. But it seems that one section has really created a dislike for his playing style.

On the latest episode of Indian Idol 12, Shanmukhapriya sang the iconic Helen Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu song and gave it her own signature twist. As usual, fans of the actress along with other viewers did not enjoy it and criticized the contestant for ‘spoiling’ it.

But it’s not that, many viewers expressed their disappointment on Twitter and demanded that Shanmukhapriya be eliminated from the Indian Idol 12 run.

One user tweeted: “Every time the singing goes down … the public no longer tolerates it … but how come @ indian_idol12 tolerates #ShanmukhaPriya.”

Another wrote, “when there is a high chance that #ShanmukhaPriya will be removed, they postpone the removal. The removal of #Nachiket #anjaligaikwad and #SawaiBhatt is unfair. bias show with fake drama … .. # IndianIdol2021 “.

One netizen tweeted: “#ShanmukhaPriya Please, it’s an insult for singing and you’re spoiling the name of the legends. Stop yelling and yelling. You have no singing knowledge. Please respect the singers and the talent, don’t spoil the show and stop reacting. “

Another wrote: “# IndianIdol2021 I don’t know what manufacturers are willing to do, but I think they are all better and more versatile than #ShanmukhaPriya, please stop messing up our favorite songs. don’t abuse it in every song. “

We’re sure it must be tough for the Indian Idol 12 contestant to deal with the criticism, but we hope Shanmukhapriya comes out stronger than ever!

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