“OTT shouldn’t offer a good chunk of money just for Big Star Cast Hindi movies”

Nitish Bharadwaj wants more regional content on OTT! (Photo credit: Ians)

Actor Nitish Bharadwaj is set to reprise his role as Sudarshan Chakrapani, in the Marathi thriller web series Samantar 2. The first season of the series, co-starring Swwapnil Joshi, was received positively. The main actor says that OTT platforms should also start investing in good regional content, and not offer big bucks just to star-studded Hindi movies.

The actor, best known for his portrayal of Lord Krishna in BR Chopra’s Mahabharat, has over the years been a part of film, television, Bollywood and Marathi theater, and now OTT.

The seasoned actor agrees that the lock has worked well for OTT platforms and Hindi movies that got stuck in the process and were released digitally. Nitish Bharadwaj adds that it is also important to promote regional cinema on OTT platforms.

“I don’t know about Marathi cinema, but most of the Hindi movies that were ready have found a window on the OTT platform and various platforms were able to establish themselves attracting eyes during the pandemic. When it comes to Marathi, OTT has been a good window for topics like ‘Samantar,’ ”says Nitish Bharadwaj.

The actor adds: “I’m not really sure about Marathi cinema, because it all depends on trade. In a feature film, you know that if you have a good theme and a theatrical release, you can make a 50 million rupee and 100 million rupee business, even in marathi. But I don’t know if OTT platforms would offer that kind of money to Marathi movies. So I don’t know if OTT is a boon for Marathi cinema, but for Marathi web series, yes it is. “

By emphasizing investing in good Marathi movies, Nitish Bharadwaj believes that it will only help the digital platform improve the quality of the content.

“I’d rather say, watching a very large Hindi movie that failed on an OTT platform of late and watching a Marathi web series like ‘Samantar’ that has gotten so big on OTT, that OTT platforms should start looking at regional cinema. as potential good quality content for your movies. They should not offer a good amount of money only to the Hindi movies of the big stars and acquire them for their release. They should also start looking at regional cinema and offer them good money, so that the quality of their content increases on OTT and is not limited to web series only. There may also be original films on OTT in regional languages, ”he says.

Nitish’s character in “Samantar 2” will be seen closely following Kumar Mahajan (played by Swwapnil Joshi) as the latter tries to figure out what his future will be like.

Commenting on what awaits the audience, Nitish Bharadwaj says: “It’s an experience in season 2 for the audience to see that even if something is written in particular in their future, it doesn’t have to happen the same way because different human beings will react in different ways. Is Kumar going to fall prey to that future? Is the same thing really going to happen? “

Before saying goodbye, the actor comments on the suspense genre that is doing well on the OTT platform and deciphers the reason behind it.

“OTT platforms are personal. So everyone who watches OTT is not watching it with 500 people in a theater. People have always liked thrillers because everyone’s life eventually falls into some pattern. What makes a thriller? Break that pattern. It gives you the opportunity to step into someone else’s life and take you on a roller coaster ride. Thrillers are always loved, the treatment may be different. Especially when the story is like that of ‘Samantar’, which is so close to people’s lives, it will surely become a success, ”says Nitish Bharadwaj, about the show that airs on MX Player.

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