Shreyas Mendiratta related reels are the new thing and this is why you should definitely check them out.

Kavisha Mody, June 24, 2021

Shreyas Mendiratta (Source: Instagram | @shreyasmendiratta)

Shreyas Mendiratta (Source: Instagram | @shreyasmendiratta)

Time and time again, new and unique creators start creating content on social media platforms and they manage to grab my attention. We all know how difficult it is to break up clutter and stand out from the crowd. One of those creators who has managed to capture my attention with his hilarious precision Coils it is Shreyas Mendiratta. He is a creator whose fan base grows at the speed of light and I totally agree. He also has a Youtube channel and although I also love their content on that platform, I am living directly for their Coils on Instagram. So if you’re looking for some heartfelt truth bombs, hilariously accurate reactions, and so much more, your profile is the place to be. These are some of my favorites!

Look at them:

1. Relatable x 100

This Reel It literally summed up my whole life. Shreyas has accurately summed up what I want to say in my head and what actually ends up coming out of my mouth. It is this relatability factor in this content that keeps me hooked on its food throughout the day.

2. Give trends your own quirky twist

We can’t all participate in the ‘hit puberty’ transformation Reel trend because It literally hasn’t hit us (yet !: P). Yes, we exist! I love how Shreyas literally showed my mood (and surely many others) with this video. Also, is it just me or do you even find their expressions super funny?

3. Shreyas’s voice = a delight to our ears

Talk about being versatile! Besides being an excellent content creator, he is also a very good singer. TbhI’m living for these musical versions because they are super moving. While most of his content is on the comedic side, watching him sing is quite refreshing.

4. Waiting for me to sing like …

This is by far the funniest take on this ‘I don’t believe in soulmates’ trend. All thanks to this viral trend, I had the opportunity to meet many talented singers in the ‘gram. However, I can’t help but laugh at the hilarious version of Shreyas. Also, can we talk about the fluency with which he integrated the dialogue of ‘Welcome‘? : P His sense of humor has me stunned!

5. Personnel Attac

only me want hide under the bed because I am so guilty of doing this! ‘Call me by your name’ is a track that went viral and spread Instagram. Yet most of us Gen-Z can’t be related to the lyrics because we hate answering calls. And yes, my phone is always silent and there is a high probability that I will look at my phone ringing and it won’t answer.

6. Direct Facts About Spills

How i wish i could show this Reel to all K-pop haters in the world. In addition to just revealing facts, Shreyas has flawless comic timing and brought up all the facts in a very funny way. So next time if Tryna hate in Bts, I will happily launch this Reel in your face. 🙂

7. Drop truth bombs like …

I literally can’t stop laughing at this! His pronunciations made it more fun, don’t you agree? Plus, I love how he picked the most random texting lingo and turned it into hilariously accurate language. Reel. In so many videos, Shreyas keeps dropping real bombs combined with quirky comedic timing.

So here are just 7 of the many Coils they have hooked me on their food. It is creators like Shreyas who make scrolling in Instagram super entertaining. Which Reel Could you relate to most? Let us know in the comments below. Also, I hope everyone who reads this article stays home and stays safe.

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