6 reasons why Anam and Awez Darbar are the ideal sibling duo

Shivangi Sethi, June 24, 2021

Awez Darbar, Anam Darbar (Source: Instagram | @awez_darbar)

Awez Darbar, Anam Darbar (Source: Instagram | @awez_darbar)

Having a brother is like having a best friend, right? They are always there for you when you need them and also when you don’t. Well, My mother Darbar Y Awez Darbar They are one of those creative brother duos who show that, in some cases, talent is hereditary. I’m sure you all see them often creating content together and supporting each other on social media. Whether in the ‘gram or outside of ‘gram, #Anwez it will always be the ideal sibling duo you want. Their bond is so true and pure that I see a reflection of my relationship with my brother in its content. So, I thought I’d list some of the many reasons why Anam and Awez, #Objectives for siblings.

Are here:

1. Their love for each other is infinite

Isn’t it adorable to see how Anam and Awez have always supported each other? Making the promise to always love without end, protect each other and be there in all good times and bad. Nglbut i’ve been watching this Reel looping and every time I do it I start crying because I miss my second half, my brother!

2. They make training sessions totally fun

Who would miss out on a fun workout like this? Surely not! Also, I’m absolutely sure that you haven’t seen such a cute brother-sister pair as Awez and Anam. When these two create content together, it automatically gives us ‘maasti wali’ feel and bring a HUGE smile to my face. Brb, I need to try this fun routine with my brother also!

3. Taking advantage of all the viral tendencies between siblings

I love it when brothers and sisters jump in and try different viral trends between siblings. Anam and Awez did just that, with their own small’ dance turns. Honestly, I’ve been obsessed with how these two nailed this viral trend for a while. Their timing is explosive, don’t you agree?

4. Your birthday messages to each other are nothing but adorable.

How adorable is this post? Anam and Awez share the cutest birthday posts for each other and it always reminds me of my brother. It’s amazing how they support each other every time and never fail to show everyone how pure and loving their bond is.

5. They are cute and silly together.

If you can’t be cute and goofy with your brother at the same time, are they even siblings? The way Awez surprises and at the same time wears his goofy side by shoving Anam into the ball pit is not only natural and pure, but also super relatable. This Reel It totally sums up a brother and sister relationship perfectly.

6. They burn the dance floor with their ILLUMINATED dance moves

What can we say about their dance collaborations? Okay, they are both amazing dancers individually, but together they are straight fire! If you don’t believe me, check this out Reel and judge for yourself. I bet your jaw will drop to see them slaying together with their energy and fierce dance moves.

These posts show that Anam and Awez are nothing more than sibling goals. Their pure bond and love for each other really makes me realize how lucky I am to have a brother in my life. On a side note, all of you reading this article, I hope you will stay home and stay safe. Also, here is a reminder for you to say “I love you” to your brother and tell him how much they mean to you.


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