The definitive and simple guide to applying liquid foundations

Kanak Devnani, June 23, 2021

Woman applying different colored foundations by RomarioIen |

Woman applying different colored foundations by RomarioIen |

No matter what style you’re looking for, if your foundation is done right, you win half the battle. But when it comes to applying foundation, everyone has their own technique for applying this essential makeup product. Speaking from personal experience as a beginner’s foundation can be a daunting product to deal with. Whereas powders, foams, and dyes can be relatively easy to handle. All you really needed at that point was to use a clean brush or sponge that came with the compact and sweep it across your face. However, the liquid foundation was more complicated and is still a bit more of a hassle to handle, especially if you don’t have beauty knowledge or experience. Which makes it so easy for your foundation to end up looking like a mess. The key to a smooth, even and flawless complexion when it comes to a liquid foundation is part of the application process and I’m here to break it down for you.

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Choosing the right base finish

Of course, the first stop on your critical journey is to select the choosing a type of base and finish formula. Since we are focusing on liquid formulas that have been taken care of, but you must decide if you are opting for a matte finish, a hydrated wet shine, or something in between. The base finishes you choose mainly depend on your personal preferences, but your skin type also plays a role. Matte foundations are generally non-glossy, so they’re great at controlling oil, making them ideal for oily skin types. While moist or glowing foundations are a great option for dry skin because they increase moisture, they make your skin look glowing, radiant, and naturally radiant. Once you’ve made your choice, it’s all about using the right tools to meet your needs.

1. Using a sponge

By now, beauty sponges are nothing new in the beauty arena and have since become a favorite in the makeup community for good reason. They are the easiest way to get an easy and even airbrushed finish off the skin. The key to using a sponge is to wet it before use. Immerse in a bowl of water or under the tap to saturate it completely. Next, you need to squeeze out the excess water before dipping it into the liquid foundation. This helps achieve uniform coverage and minimizes product absorption. Plus, if tall coverage isn’t your thing, it can also help you clear your foundation.

Now you want to apply dots and gently blend the product all over your face, starting from the center outwards, dabbing or bouncing the sponge. Be careful not to overload your sponge and work in light layers to even out the skin. Also, don’t forget to match it on your neck, girl! You don’t have to blend all the way down to the collarbone, but make sure the base reaches below the jawline. If you are looking for a good sponge recommendation, the OG BeautyBlender is still at the top of my list with the Real techniques the sponge comes a close second. These two have never misled me and are some of the best beauty sponges available.

2. Apply with fingers

One of the best tools you can ask for is literally at your fingertips. Fingers are the easiest way to apply various types of makeup, be it blush, eyeshadow, and yes, even liquid foundation. The natural heat that our skin radiates heats the foundation, giving it a beautiful natural finish when applied. The best way to do this is by placing some on the back of your hand and gently spreading it over your face with your fingers. It is recommended to start in the T zone and work your way. However, if using your fingers is your preferred application method, be sure to take the extra time to smooth all the edges for a perfectly blended look.

Just remember to follow proper hygiene when using your hands. Always wash them and make sure they are dry before dipping them into anything. You want to avoid germs or the transfer of any other makeup between each makeup step.

3. Apply with a brush

Everyone needs at least one decent foundation brush in their collection. It is one of the easiest and most common application tools. If you like full coverage, applying your foundation with a brush is your best option. Unlike a sponge, it does not absorb much product and makes painting easier even in thick formulas.

When it comes to selecting the right brush for the task, you need to pay attention to the bristles and the shape. Certain natural hair bristles tend to absorb much more product and can be difficult to disinfect. Alternatively, synthetic bristles are a fantastic option, as they blend seamlessly and ensure that the foundation sits where it should.

While choosing the right brush is once again all about personal preference and finding the combo that suits you best, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are looking for a full coverage style, a firm brush with dense bristles is a good option. But if you prefer a clear finish, go for a light stippling brush or fluffy brush that will still give you the airbrushed finish you want.

At the end of the day, no matter which method you choose, remember that you want the foundation to look like skin, so use foundation where you need it rather than painting it all over. Start with less product and slowly add more as needed as you mix to perfection for a flawless finish. Patience is key! Always remember to set your appearance with powders, but only where necessary based on your skin type to avoid dryness or dryness.

How would you like to apply your foundation for a flawless finish? Let me know in the comments below.

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