“Love is a dagger” bisexual twist, is Sylvie the sorceress we’ve been waiting for? Theories explained!

Loki Episode 3 Theories Explanation: “Love is a Dagger”, bisexual twist, is Sylvie the sorceress we’ve been waiting for? (Image Credit: Marvel / A Frame of Loki)

Loki Episode 3 is here and while it may not have answered all the questions fans were hoping for, it reveals a crucial detail that could be a game changer for fans of ‘God Of Mischief’. Lady Loki (played by Sophia Di Martino) doesn’t like being called ‘Loki’, and there’s not much explanation about it in this one.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki has never crossed the path of love before, and this episode seems to have thrown him straight into the abyss. In episode 2, he left Mobius (Owen Wilson) behind following what we were all addressing back then as Lady Loki. But, as in our Loki Episode 2 discussion article, we said that Marvel is not lazy to call her that. We hate to say this, but we did tell you and she is not Lady Loki!

1. Sylvie Laufeydottir or Lushton?

Loki Episode 3:
(Image Credit: Marvel / A Frame of Loki)

Since last week’s episode, a document was leaked that read Lady Loki’s name as Sylvie Laufeydottir. For all those unaware, Loki’s real full name is Loki Laufeyson and this just confuses things. With all the hints that the mystery lady was Lady Loki, where did Sylvie come in from in the picture? Well, we could have some theories.

Sylvie possesses the power of enchantment and her first name is the same as Marvel’s Sylvie Lushton, whom Loki creates. But, if she is Lushton, why did the document say Laufeydottir? Lushton, in comic book history, has been on her way to being like Amora The Enchantress. Lushton also has the super power of charm and the shade of green she exudes is also very reminiscent of Amora. Is Sylvie the sorceress we were all waiting for? Fun fact: Tom Hiddleston, back in 2013, had apparently pitched Marvel to do a duet movie with Loki paired with Enchantress. Is that happening eight years later in the form of a web show?

2. Loki and Sylvie are canonically bisexual!

Loki Episode 3:
(Image Credit: Marvel / A Frame of Loki)

Hands down, this would be the most significant reveal that would make fans go wild on social media. The fact that Loki is gender fluid has been a topic of discussion for the first two episodes among fans, unaware that Marvel will put an end to the immediate next episode. As they meet, Loki asks Sylvie if someone is waiting for her on the other side of this crusade. After her answer, Sylvie throws a question that all the fans wanted to know the answer to.

The conversation reveals that both Loki and Sylvie are canonically bisexual. This puts an end to the debate that Loki is gay or he is straight. It’s a BI and this has been a celebration for the fans. A brief moment also has Loki, Sylvie talking about ‘love’ and ends up giving a ‘dazzling’ answer.

3. “Love is a dagger …”

Loki Episode 3:
(Image credit: Marvel / A Still From Loki)

If there is a conversation that many would ignore, it is when Tom Hiddleston’s Loki sets the example that love is a dagger. When Sylvie asks what love is, Loki goes blank for a moment, but after getting drunk and singing Asgardian songs, he comes up with a metaphor for ‘love is a dagger’. “It is a weapon that must be wielded from near or far. You can see yourself in it. It’s beautiful until it makes you bleed. But ultimately, when you reach it … “

“It’s not real,” Sylvie finishes. His nature of being a cheater and a god of mischief has led him into many troublesome situations. His learning of being an adopted child, not being the favorite child, him seeking validation from Odin, blaming himself for his mother’s death: Loki has faced too many tragedies for a character who has his solo project as a web show one decade later. his first appearance. Why, of everything in the world, did you choose to compare love to a dagger? This could be just one of those impromptu Loki references, or there’s a lot of depth to it that we could get after the show ends.

4. Is TVA the real villain?

Loki Episode 3:
(Image Credit: Marvel / A Frame of Loki)

Loki understands how all the variants in TVA are not created by the timekeepers, but they are lying to them in almost the same way. There is a strong possibility that true evil is actually residing at TVA and Sylvie is here to accomplish that task. For a short sequence in the episode, we see Ravonna Renslayer (played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw) taking on Loki and Sylvie with her army.

If TVA is actually mishandled by timekeepers, what about Mobius? Is he part of all this or is he on the list of many victims that TVA is lying to? Loki Episode 2, in addition to being flawless picturesque cinematography of three colors (pink, purple and dark blue), mainly revolved around the development of the chemistry between the two protagonists. All of this came at the cost of trading Loki’s bromance with Mobius. Do we miss Mobius? Oh yeah!

5. Loki to help TVA’s Mobius?

Loki Episode 3:
(Image Credit: Marvel / A Frame of Loki)

Another theory emerging from Loki Episode 3 is how Mobius could also be manipulated like other variants and must have actually ridden a jet ski in his pre-TVA life. That could be the reason why he loves jet skis so much because he’s emotionally connected to them since his life before TVA. Could this all be a Renslayer’s vicious plan to topple the timekeepers? Are timekeepers even a thing? Remember how Renslayer’s didn’t clearly answer Mobius’s question about them in episode 2?

Mobius was finally able to reunite with Loki in episode 4 and we could already visualize the scene where they would argue that TVA is a sham. Renslayer’s warning to Mobius that this could be his last mission if something goes wrong indicates how he could be in trouble. Who would you run to for help? Of course, Loki and Sylvie.

6. An episode of little more than 30 minutes, why?

Loki Episode 3:
(Image Credit: Marvel / A Frame of Loki)

Yes, Loki Episode 3 doesn’t have as much at stake as the first two episodes, but I’m pretty sure this sets the stage for a lot of chaos to come. At about 35-36 minutes (minus the credits sequence), there should be a solid reason why Marvel has kept it so short. They could have easily been gone for 10 more minutes, either adding clutter to whatever was there or extending the time, which could have shown them leaving Lamentis (the planet Loki, Sylvie is on) crashing into the TVA.

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