8 Yutik Palresha dance reels where you have to create remix reels

Shivangi Sethi, June 23, 2021

Yutik Palresha (Instagram: | yutik_palresha)

Yutik Palresha (Instagram: | yutik_palresha)

If you, like me, wake up in the morning and start scrolling on your phone, then you, my friend, are obsessed with Instagram and its cool features. These days, Coils Y Remix Coils are a big deal, be it dance, fitness, fashion or makeup, the creators have tried their best to create content using these features. Although many creators are flooding my feed with their content, I can’t seem to get enough By Yutik Palresha dance Coils in traditional songs that left me in awe. Also, if you love to dance like me but are looking for something inspo then you have landed in the right place. See how Yutik moves his body lyrically in some popular songs. I guarantee that you will want make a Remix Reel immediately with his choreography!

Are here:

1. Thade Rahiyo

Every time i open Instagram, I definitely meet a Reel with this trending audio and choreography by Yutik. What can I say about Yutik’s unique sense of time and expressions? He is an epitome of grace whose thumkas they are to die for! I bet many of you have already created a Remix Reel of this dance routine, amirita?

two. Forbidden

Here is my confession, I was introduced to this popular song because of the Reel. Now I am totally obsessed with it! I love how Yutik surprises everyone with his creative dance. choreographies. The way he parses the steps for each word is just mind blowing.

3. Nazar Na Lag Jaaye

First of all, I would like to virtually put ‘nazar kala teekha’‘to Yutik for his beautiful and graceful dance. The way he moves lyrically in music and expresses every word with his hand movements is just too precious. Ngl, it is a pleasure to see your Coils and learn their fun and simple choreography. If you haven’t tried any by now, you are surely living under a rock!

Four. Chaudhary

Every time i see this Reel I look forward to attending a wedding, especially to ‘Sangeet‘function! traditional Rajasthani folk song and Yutik choreography with effortless adaayein give me all the sensations. Honestly, whichever team performs this dance routine is totally winning the competition. BrbI need to learn these killer expressions to set the stage for the upcoming wedding season!

5. Banna Re

Here is another Reel for him who made me tremble. Banna Re iIt’s a trendy song with catchy beats and Yutik surely does justice to all the beats by hitting the right one at the right time. The energy of this song and Reel will make you automatically want get up and do Remix Reel.

6. Teri’s room

Is it just me or every time you watch this video, do you end up saying ‘Teri ‘room also? Well this song has been spinning in the ‘gram for its melody full of life. So how could Yutik skip it? Of this dance choreography We can surely say that Yutik’s hips don’t lie and he’s killing him with his graceful movements.

7. Tumko Bulao

After seeing this Reel, All I can say is that I have fallen in love with Yutik again! The lyrics of this song are so cute and when he performs them it becomes even cuter that I can’t help but say: ‘Awwww’. Also, you may have seen this. Reel a hundred times already and I can probably see it a hundred times more.

8. Mehndi streak again

All the girlfriends where are you? I’m sure many girlfriends dream of dancing to this folk song on their ‘Mehendi ‘ function. Well, looking at the current situation, I’m pretty sure if you try this adorable choreography and performing virtually will enhance your performance and bring a big smile to everyone’s face.

These dance choreographies Yutik’s really made me enjoy! I love his Coils, not only for his graceful dance moves, but also for his adayein, which keeps me glued to his food and makes me want make a Remix with Reel immediately! On a side note, I ask everyone who reads this article to stay home and make a Remix with Yutik’s dance Coils!


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