6 reels that prove ‘the Rebel Kid’ creates super related content

Kavisha Mody, June 23, 2021

Apoorva aka The Rebel Kid (Source: Instagram | @ the.rebel.kid)

Apoorva aka The Rebel Kid (Source: Instagram | @ the.rebel.kid)

In today’s time Instagram It has become a melting pot of unique and identifiable content. There are so many content creators who come up with new ideas every day and keep their audience hooked. A creator who has caught our attention is Apoorva alias The rebellious child. As soon as I found her feed, I couldn’t help but scroll through her videos. Let me tell you, its content made me nod my head sympathetically. She is so accurate about real life experiences and it made me ROFLing Instantly. Also, Apoorva recently crossed the 400k follower mark on Instagram. So here I am celebrating your milestone on your behalf with some of your Coils which I found super accurate and extremely identifiable. Look at them!

Get ready to go down the Coils rabbit hole

1. The struggles of a selfie in the mirror

Sorry, but finding an attractive background and clean mirror for a selfie is like a seemingly impossible mission. I’ve been through this so many times and I’m sure all of you have too. I love how Apoorva perfectly summed up our selfie struggles in the funniest way ever.

2. If Apoorva were a Disney princess

I’m starting a petition for Disney to cast Apoorva in their next princess movie because I need it! This video literally made me laugh unpleasantly and I have no regrets. While his video is super funny, everything he said is so damn identifiable. Also, I loved how Sleeping Beauty Mom made a cameo in her version! 😛

3. Passion for travel but in a brown home

Why all about this? Reel of Remixes hit me right where it hurts? Let me tell you one thing, deep down, even I love wanderlust, but my mom doesn’t really even allow me to leave the house (especially after curfew). So when this trend started to go viral on the internet, many people started posting their travel versions with this audio. However, I was only able to relate to Apoorva.

4. How does online shopping work?

Guys, remember the times you decided to add an additional product for free delivery? Well, the next thing you know, your cart is filled with 25 different things (that you know you don’t need). Apoorva accurately described how my online purchases go each time. However, my experiences are always followed by my mom who beats me for spending so much money.

5. Tenth and twelfth grade students in the midst of the pandemic

In fact, the ongoing pandemic has caused many problems for students who were hate Give your tenth or twelfth board examination. So I’m sure all respective students can relate to this spiel on a different level.

6. Giving trends the most identifiable twist of all time

Remember when this ‘inspirational quotes’ trend went viral? Many creators tried this trend and gave us unique content. However, this one just struck a chord in my brain. The number of things we say to ourselves on a daily basis can literally become the funniest Reel forever!

So these were just 6 of the hundreds of amazing videos he has on her. Instagram page, what by the way it is growing at the speed of light. Apoorva is one of those creators who has always managed to provide quality content for her audience and has always been so sincere. Which video of yours do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below. Also, I hope everyone stays home and stays safe.


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