8 yoga influencers to follow for your daily dose of wellness

Shivangi Sethi, June 21, 2021

Natasha Noel, Deepika Mehta, Radhika Bose (Source_ Instagram _ @ natashanoel001 @yogasini @deepikamehtayoga)

Natasha Noel, Deepika Mehta, Radhika Bose (Source_ Instagram _ @ natashanoel001 @yogasini @deepikamehtayoga)

Are you feeling fatigued or stressed? Personally, I’ve noticed that exposure to your screens for long hours, unhealthy habits, and anxiety can really affect your health and mental well-being. Well, here is an indication for you to practice something that heals your body and mind. If you are thinking about what you can do to heal yourself, then your answer is yoga. Yes, you heard it right, yoga is the solution to all your problems. Today on the occasion of #InternationalYogaDay, I have selected a list of yoga influencers whose content will guide you with the correct technique of these asanas. Now take 3 deep breaths and scroll down to check who they are right away.

Are here:

1. Natasha noel

If you don’t know Natasha Noel, you are surely living under a rock. In addition to being a fantastic yogi, she is an artist who believes in breaking stereotypes and uplifting people through her content. Their yoga videos will leave you motivated and inspired to try asanas yourself.

two. Radhika Bose alias Yoga

Radhika is a fitness creator that you should definitely follow! Its content is not only eye-opening, but also entertaining. He has a way of connecting with his audience and his yoga poses will leave you shudders. She also creates many IGTV videos on different concepts of health and wellness that will surely help you on your journey.

3. Deepika mehta

Deepika content will make you want run to a natural refuge. I love how he breaks each and every pose so easily. After watching his videos, I began to understand the true meaning of yoga.

Four. Apoorva Jayaranjan

Apoorva is a Hatha yoga and pilates trainer who is also an avid content creator with an active Youtube channel. His Coils are extremely interactive and their videos on Instagram They are fun and full of information about fitness and yoga.

5. Anshuka Parwani

If you are a newbie and want to start your yoga journey, the Anshuka page is where you should be. His videos are very insightful and you will be able to explain yoga poses and much more easily. Besides yoga content, he also creates many identifiable posts, which will instantly make you fall in love with his page.

6. Namita Piparaiya

If you want to start practicing yoga or meditation, the content of Namita will surely be of great help to you. Their social media platforms are growing by the day because their videos are super realistic and also very easy to follow. She also runs workshops regularly, so be sure to check it out!

7. Nishtha Bijlani

If you want to start guided meditations, the Nishta account is your one and only destination. She conducts multiple classes online and is also very active in her Youtube channel. Not only that, its feed is also aesthetic and will give you a feeling of calm after scrolling through it.

8. Diya kapoor

What do we say about Diya? She is one of the most amazing and attractive yoga instructors of all time. His videos and reels will make you very interested in yoga. The reason I personally love its content is because it will make you understand the importance of yoga in such a perfect way and it will show you the right way to do it as well.

So, here are the creators whose yoga content we absolutely love. We live in times of great uncertainty, so it is important that we stay healthy and aware. So in this #InternationalYogaDayLet’s take a step towards a better life and give yoga a try. Wishing everyone a very happy International Yoga Day, once again. Stay healthy, safe, and stay indoors.


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